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Tue 4 Oct 2016
at 16:39
Doom Hand Cleric Solitary, Magical, Organized, Intelligent
Fireball (d8 damage) 12 8 HP 2 armor

Cast Invisibility Spell
Heal Allies
Support their allies with a well-placed spell

Hobgoblin Bladebearer Solitary, Organized, Intelligent, Cautious
Sword (b[2d10] damage) 12 HP 3 armor

Devise tactics
Command the troops

Hobgoblin Regulars Horde, Organized, Intelligent, Cautious
Longsword (d6 damage) 3 HP 1 armor

Fight in formation
Call for reinforcements(6 available)

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Thu 23 Mar 2017
at 18:04
Hydra Solitary, Huge, Devious, Terrifying
Bite (d8+5 damage) 24 5 HP 2 armor
Reach, Near
Special Qualities: Multiple snakelike heads

A large snakelike beast with a bloated body and multiple heads on long snakelike necks, the Hydra usually lairs in swamps or marshy ground. These creatures are even more dangerous than their appearance first suggests, as for every severed head two grow to replace it. The only way to truly slay this beast is to pierce its heart; a difficult prospect, as even if you can find a way past the heads its thick scales and girth protect this vital organ. Instinct: To devour

  •      Regenerate severed heads
  •      Attack multiple targets at once
  •      Swallow whole

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Wed 16 May 2018
at 00:55
1 manticore
Manticore Group, Large, Intelligent, Terrifying
Bite, Claw, or Sting (d8+4 damage 1 piercing) 10(4) HP 1 armor
Special Qualities: Nightmare physiology

These creatures have "the face of a man, the mouth open to the ears with a treble row of teeth beneath and above; long neck, whose greatness, roughness, body and feet are like a Lyon: of a red colour, his tail like the tail of a Scorpion of the Earth, the end armed with poison, casting forth sharp pointed quills as an archer's arrows." Their claws, teeth, and quills are all of iron, and the beasts are known for consuming metals and ores as well as the flesh of their victims. A dastardly of manticores can make an area impassable by travelers. Instinct: To consume metal and flesh

  •     Strike with a poisoned stinger
  •      Fire Stingers
  •      Coordinate attacks with the rest of the group
  •      Knock an enemy back or down

Karkilan Minotaur warrior
Solitary, Large, Intelligent

Axe (d10 + 5 damage); 16(4)HP; 2 armor;

Close, Reach, Forceful, Near

Instinct: Protect Wyrmlord Koth at all costs

Special Qualities:

  •      Slice through it's foes
  •      Gore a threat

Koth Bugbear Warmage Solitary, Magical, Organized, Intelligent
Fireball (d10+2 damage) 12 HP 2 armor
Ignores Armor, Near, Far

Commanders of strike forces and supporters of the main army, the dreaded Warmages cast spells of great force and violence to tear apart defences and fortifications. They lack the subtlety of their goblinoid kin but they make up for it with their powerful magics and the perverse glee they draw from destruction. Instinct: To wipe out foes

  •      Weave a spell of destruction
  •      Tear down walls and defences with magic
  •      Support their allies with a well-placed spell
  •      Potion of Fly
  •      Potions of Healing

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