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Sun 28 Aug 2016
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Character Files
This thread is for players to post information that others would know about their character.
Garry Wilmin
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Thu 1 Sep 2016
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Character Files
I figure my description and stats should work.

Garry is a short humanoid, only standing at an even four feet. Hailing from a land of fantasy and monsters, he decided that it would only be appropriate to explore the tears in reality that began opening up. With barely a thought he grabbed his gear, procured as much tobacco and leaves as he could, and ventured through one of the portals. Of course, as with most that managed to survive, he ended up at the Veil.

If one looks closely, they may notice that Garry is missing his left thumb. Alas, making explosive powder has its drawbacks.

* 4d6 Halfling
* 4d6 Alchemist
* 4d6 Burglar
* -1d6 Chain Smoker
* -1d6 Missing Left Thumb

DP: 12

* [Alchemy] Bag
* Sling
* Walking Stick
* Matches
* Cigar Box
* [Waterproof] Boots
* Backpack

GP: 9
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Thu 1 Sep 2016
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Character Files
Churchill is a humanoid dog. He stands on legs like a human, has fingers and toes like a human, but has the head, tail, and hair coat of a dog. In certain situations, he reverts to his more canine traits: growling when angry, barking when excited, and drooling in the presence of food.

In his own universe, Churchill was an electro-mechanic. He has an aptitude for fixing things: toasters, computers, motorcycles, test equipment. He's confident (some might say cocky) and quick to speak his mind... sometimes too quick.

Total DP: 15D6
    Basic: 2D6
    Repairman: 5D6
    Half-Dog: 4D6
         Heightened sense of smell (can smell trouble a mile away)
         Scent Tracking
         Intimidation (not sure on this one?)
    Computers/programming: 3D6
    Ranged handheld weapons: 2D6

    No tact/no sense of decorum: -1D6

4 - Versatile, compact, electro-mechanical repair tool - think sonic screwdriver meets Swiss army knife
2 - Universal, electro-mechanical, spare parts kit (completely disorganized) - think tackle box filled with nuts bolts, wires, duct tape, some random electronic components, and a lot of useless junk.
1 - Lightweight, lightning gun (needs occasional recharging) - "Sparky" is cobbled together from spare parts. Emits a crackling bolt of electricity.
0 - Deck of cards (non-standard (decks from his universe have five queens and no Kings), so nobody want's to play with it)

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 Psychic Warrior
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Thu 1 Sep 2016
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Character Files
Miniya comes from a dimension where the two main races are a psionically active race of near humans, and a more passively-focused psionic race of bipedal furred cat-people(The Prymarr). The humans are or were in a sense the masters, while the Prymarr made superior warriors, they lacked the active psionic abilities of the humans. Reflexes and precognition are of no help when someone can simply grab you with their mind after all.

Miniya and her abilities are a result of multiple extremely unlikely outcomes aligning. The first and second being her existence period. Crossing of the species while genetically possible was extremely rare, it was also a complete and total social taboo. The amount of half-breeds born in a decade being able to be counted on a single hand. The third circumstance was her inheritance of the powers of both her biological mother and biological father. The presence of both active and passive powers was something that was unheard of, half-breeds always taking one set of abilities or the other.

Miniya was raised by the Prymarr, so while she has the ability to use the grander and more overtly powerful psionic abilities, she has quite a bit of training left to do with them.

Name: Miniya
Race: Prymarr Half-Breed
Age:  23

Dice Pools: 10
Starting DP: 2
Psychic Warrior: 6
Psionics: 2

Attributes: 5
Instinct: 3
Dexterity: 3
Charisma: -1

Equipment: 6

Psi-Guns x2: Phase-Variable +1, Psionically Powered -1.
Psi-Blades x4(Hands, Feet): Phase-Variable +1, Psionically Powered -1.
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 Narakeian Skyguard
 Genesis' Pillar
Thu 1 Sep 2016
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Character Files
I don't think i have it right, buuut....

Rapid regeneration 4D6
Immunity to natural elements 3D6
Direct connection to the energetic flow (Space magic) 6D6
Energetic Mending, 2D6
Narakeian Telepathy 1D6
Narakeian Sight 2D6
Natural Flight 5D6
Benefactor 6D6

Can’t use any technology above basic level -2D6
Core is a critical weak point -4D6
vulnerable to energetic disruption (EMP, Shock, etc) -3D6
"Rule of Distribution" -2D6
"Mana Bar" -2D6
Can't be healed by Non-Narakeians -6D6
Creator's Gaze -3D6

Total DP: 10

Narakeians cannot use equipment. Their core is the only thing that could count.

 I do have an "explanations" thing that details what he has and why. I'll list this below... and it's in order.

1)Narakeians can rapidly regenerate all damage done to their vessel; as their true body is the core.
2)Narakeians, being "elementals", do not have the fatal drawbacks a biological creature might have in space. They can traverse it, mostly.
3)Narakeians are derived entirely from an invisible force that culminates into being, and flows throughout the galaxy. Hard light, plasma, etc. Narakeians are derived entirely from these; with a crystalline form as a catalyst.
4)Being a Narakeian of "Genesis", Naszad can utilize his energetic capabilities for repair or healing.
5)All Narakeians, except for the "Pillarless", are connected to a leading figure of some form. They communicate with them when they see fit, through telepathy and sending energetic signals and pings.
6)Narakeians, being born of the energetic flow, can see it in physical form. This renders illusions and things of the like ineffective.
7)Skyguards are a variant of Narakeian that use energetic jets, either within their body or wings, to propel themselves and fly.
8)Genesis keeps an eye on his children. He can't intervene to save them, but here and there he can provide them something to use; assuming a rift can be opened.

9)Narakeians have no use for technology, and therefor have little idea how to use it.
10)Their core is the catalyst of their entire being. Without it, they are just strands of energy moving with the flow. No core, no Narakeian.
11)That one explains itself. Their vessel acts similarly to an energy shield.
12)No Narakeian bears infinite access to the energetic flow. "Mage" Narakeians like Skyguards must distribute their energy between maintaining their body, and using their abilities.
13)He cannot expend too much energy in an ability(s) all at once or he will burn himself out and need to recharge. Likewise, he can't "spam" regeneration, else it expends his power.
14)Narakeians can only heal through their regeneration. If the core is damaged, they require another Narakeian's aid.
15)The current Creator is an homicidal maniac that would see all destroyed. He controls most of the Narakeians, and hunts down those who oppose him.

Criticism greatly appreciated. I have a feeling i'm doing this wrong.
Daniel Sharp
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Thu 1 Sep 2016
at 04:28
Character Files
To the others, at least those from a world like our own, Dan Sharp seems like a normal fellow. According to his ID, he's a government employee who goes around the world to U.S. institutions updating computer software. But, in The Veil, he seems mighty attached to a long case he keeps slung around his shoulder. It's not known why yet. Dan seems to be in very good condition and can handle himself accordingly.
Ralph Burke
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Thu 1 Sep 2016
at 07:34
Character Files
An average early twenties human Maker in the craft of Music.  One on only a few dozen people that were able to escape his home thanks to the song that he wrote to allow them to slip through his crafted portal. Fairly tall at 6'4"  and thin but not unhealthy with bright copper red hair and emerald green eyes.

Skill sets: 17d6
5d6 Maker, Music
2d6 Dexterity
3d6 Anatomy
2d6 Crafter, Medicine
2d6 Well read (Knows a little about a lot)
3d6 Tactician

Flaws: -2d6
-1d6 Lack of Self Confidence
-1d6 Frail bones

Gear: 9d
Historic, Accompanying, Viola.
Ever-strung, Reinforced, Bow.
Belt, storage, cold-storage,

I don't feel like I'm finished yet still need to figure out one more piece of equipment.
Elyria Seraphine Luminari
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Fri 9 Sep 2016
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Character Files
Race: 1/2 Divine, 1/4 Ascended Human, 1/8th Light Elf, 1/16th Flame Phoenix, 1/16th Seraph

Mortal Life
Paladin 7DP
  • Luminari's Champion (Light, Hope, & Purity)
  • Since her Ascension Herself as well (Blades, Beauty & Glory)

Divine Life
Divine Essence 5DP
  • Body: Physical Attributes
  • Mind: Mental Attributes
  • Spirit: Spiritual Attributes
  • Race: Racial Attributes

Domains 7DP [Divinity of Blades, Beauty & Glory]
  • Blades: Eternity Blade Mastery & Manifestation - Can create any bladed weapon with any powers she desires or finds appropriate at will.  As goddess of blades She has total mastery of all blades with regards to her skills, in mortal terms she would be considered a grand master.  ‘Divine Essence of the Blade’
  • Beauty: Manifest Transcendental Beauty - If she chooses to manifest her true beauty, her beauty can stun, blind or immobilize others as she chooses, those who see her and live will love or lust after her forever after.  She can also increase or reduce the beauty of those she encounters.  ‘True Beauty is found within’ [Presently Locked - No contracts]
  • Glory: Imbue Heroic Glory - Possessing the essence of glory, Elyria can imbue a worthy hero with some measure of power depending the symbol of the tarot (major or minor arcana).  Such power must be earned [See Contract] and must match the nature of the power granted, once gained, they can draw upon the power of Elyria’s domain to embody the nature of that power.  Elyria can then use those powers herself, but only at 1/2 her domain rating(rounded down). 'Hero's Glory Rising'  Presently Locked- No contracts]

Dragon Armor
  • Dragonic Instincts (Instincts of a dangerous predatory magical beast)
  • Dragonic Magic (Mostly raw elemental magic's, brutal and direct)
  • Evolving (The armor grows and evolves like the dragon's it was made from)
  • Indestructible (no explanation needed)
  • Soul-Bound (no one but Elyria can wear or use it's powers)
  • Self-Summoning (Can be summoned or summon's itself to instantly arm her)
  • Semi-sentient (About as intelligent as a Dolphin or a Chimpanzee)
  • Negatives: Possessive and Jealous of Elyria (As though a dragon regarding
    it's horde)
Deck of Tarot Cards

[*] Oathbound: Must be truth to her sworn word [-1DP]
[*] Purity of Heart and Soul:  Can not lie, cheat, bluff or steal, must be loyal and true in all her actions. [Can take spoils of battle or chose not to speak if with allies] [-1 DP]
[*] Close Combat Required: All combat must be melee, she can not fight at range [other then throwing blades] [-1 DP]
[*] Divine Contract Required:  External divine powers, such as Manifest Transcendental Beauty and Imbue Heroic Glory requires that a contract be formed with her, those that do become her champions, both a source and a outlet to her divine power.[-1 DP]
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Fri 9 Sep 2016
at 03:15
Character Files
Human Mage

I had a hard part with Dice, so much could be there or not depending on the story.
Flawed Ice Mage 5d6
While she specializes in Ice, she still needs materials to work magic.
Rogue           4d6
Athlete         3d6

Anxiety         2d6
Chokes on important situations and lacks confidence

Shattered Key Blade 0
Ice Mages bag   1d6
Has many pouches for materials.

Jacket          3d6
Warm, many pockets, water resistant

Short sword     2d6
Sharp, Magically malleable

Lock Picking tools 1d6
Well made

Her spell book  0
Large Thermos   0