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Wed 31 Aug 2016
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Request To Join
In your request to join please include the following:

1. Name. Your character's name, or the name that you would like to be added to the game under.

2. Familiarity with Pathfinder and RPOL, and your familiarity with the Carrion Crown adventure path. If you've played through some or even all of Carrion Crown before that's just fine! Hopefully there will be enough player driven twists and GM flair to keep things interesting.

3. High Concept. Your overall character concept. This is an elevator pitch, not a dossier. A sentence or two that explains your character in a nutshell.

4. Background. Your character's history, skill set, personality, outlook, or whatever you would like to tell me about them. This is your chance to sell me on the character and on your abilities as a writer. The inciting incident for the campaign is the sensational trial of the Beast of Lepidstadt, and you have been hand picked by the wise, just Judge Embreth Daramid to assist in the investigation. It would be particularly salient to describe how you came to be assigned to the case. You may find the custom campaign traits in the Character Creation thread to be useful to that end. You can also check out the free Carrion Crown player's guide available on Paizo's website for insight into the campaign as a whole.

I'm not looking for a character sheet yet, you'll be able to submit a character sheet after you've had a chance to discuss your character with the other players. Remember, it's always more fun to play something that interests you rather than what fits an empty party role or what's mechanically optimal.

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