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New Players
The Story So Far - The Haunting of Harrowstone

Our heroes, noble paladin Sir Constantine Godalming, wise cleric Garland Van Burke, and canny mage Darcon, were called to the sleepy rural town of Ravengro by a sad incident, the funeral of their longtime friend and mentor Professor Petros Lorrimor.

In the professor's will he bequeathed our heroes a tidy sum with two requests: first that they provide for the welfare of his daughter Kendra Lorriomor, and second that they deliver a chest of dangerous tomes related to his research to his colleagues at Lepidstadt University.

An examination of the professor's diary revealed troubling clues. Just prior to his death his research was focused around tracking a shadowy secret society, The Whispering Way, a nefarious cabal of necromancers. He believed that the Whispering Way was operating at Harrowstone Prison, an abandoned and reportedly haunted prison some miles north of town. The night of his death he made his way to the prison to investigate and was found murdered the following morning.

Our heroes made their way to the prison and discovered that the rumors were true, it was indeed haunted. Over the coming weeks they did battle with the five most notorious ghosts haunting the ancient prison, racing to combat their increasingly dark influence over the townsfolk of Ravengro while simultaneously delving into the prison itself to put these evil spirits to rest.

They discovered an unlikely ally in Vesorianna, the ghostly widow of the prison's warden, a benevolent figure bound in death just like the other spirits. Through daring exploration and frantic research a complete picture of the prison's dark history and the professor's murder began to take shape:

Fifty years ago Harrowstone Prison burned to the ground, killing guards and inmates alike. The violent and hateful nature of their deaths caused the unquiet spirits to linger as ghosts. The five most powerful of these spirits struggled to break free but the ghost of Warden Hawkran took up the mantle that he had worn in life, using all of his spiritual power to keep the other malevolent ghosts contained.

On the night of the professor's death dark mages from the Whispering Way performed a ritual at the prison that trapped Warden Hawkran's ghost, which they carried away for mysterious purposes. The professor stumbled onto the ritual and was murdered.

Without the warden to contain them the five evil spirits attempted to break out, only to be stymied as Vesorianna's ghost took up her husband's charge. Lacking her husband's strength, she was on the verge of defeat when our heroes intervened and with Vesorianna's assistance banished the evil spirits for good.

New Players - The Trial of the Beast

With Harrowstone cleansed and Ravengro safe once again our heroes are making their way to Lepidstadt to fulfill Professor Lorrimor's will and deliver his chest of tomes to the university there.

They arrive to find the city in an uproar, for the dreaded Beast of Lepidstadt has been caught at last. A horrifying abomination, this creature of folk lore has been blamed for every disappearance and disaster in the city for years.

And yet Professor Lorrimor's old friend and ally, Judge Embereth Daramid, is too staunch a defender of justice to let mob rule carry the day. She is assembling a team to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the beast's guilt, or its innocence.

You now join this investigation, which has uncovered clues that some other force maybe guilty of the crimes for which the Beast is accused. Investigations have already been made into the first of The Beast's crimes, the Morast Murders, and now you are dispatched to the distant and haunted village of Hergstag when the Beast was said to have murdered several children.

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