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Chapter 2 - Journal
This thread is a record of plot threads, notes, and other important information.
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Chapter 2 - Journal

Judge Embreth Daramid

A justice of the county of Vieland and a magistrate of the city of Lepidstadt, Judge Daramid is one of three presiding justices over the sensational trial of the Beast of Lepidstadt. She is an old friend and longtime confidant of the late Professor Lorrimor, with a well deserved reputation for even temperament and fairness.

Chief Justice Ambrose Khard

The head of the trial of the Beast, Chief Justice Khard is a by-the-books judge who doesn't let emotion or sensationalism sway him. He can be counted on to deliver a fair verdict in any case.

Judge Kasp Aldaar

The third justice presiding over the trial. Judge Aldaar has a reputation for fairness and good judgement but is ultimately a political creature. The sensation provided by the trial is a boon to his political ambitions and he will do whatever is necessary to make sure that the trial is carried out in a timely fashion.

Barrister Gustave Kaple

Barrister Kaple is the public defender assigned to represent the Beast. A down-at-the-heels public servant, Kaple has seen some success in plea bargains and administrative tasks but is woefully unprepared for the trial ahead of him. While he is determined to do his best to represent his client, he is hampered by his lack of experience in the courtroom and the heavy stutter that manifests itself when he's stressed.

Barrister Otto Heiger

A well respected barrister and the head of a prosperous firm, Otto Heiger lobbied his hardest to be appointed to the prosecution when the Beast's case came across his desk. He sees the trial as a career maker and will fight tooth and nail to prove his case.

The Beast of Lepidstadt

The Beast is a monstrous, hulking creature of clearly unnatural origin. It is a towering abomination twice the height of a man, a grotesque patchwork of flesh and bone, beast and man, bound by wire stitching pulled so tight it looks as if it might burst apart at the seams. Its mouth is twisted into a permanent, grizzly sneer and a shock of lank, dark hair clings to its clammy scalp.

Citizens of Lepidstadt

Captain Walton - The guard captain in charge of the courthouse guards, he is charged with keeping the Beast caged.

Zbraslav Hora - A well to do crafter and businessman long established in Lepidstadt's guilds and crafting associations, Hora runs a workshop in the Anatomist's Alley where he creates fine medical implements. The scalpel discovered at the Morast Boneyard bears his craftsman's mark.

Vladka Kostel - A purchasing agent for Ledov's Chiurgery Merchants, it was she who purchased the mysterious scalpel from Zbraslav Hora. A shrewd businesswoman with a sharp eye for quality merchandise.

Klud Radniche - A shopkeeper who purchased the scalpel from Ledov's Chiurgery Merchants. He operates a small, upscale shop in the surgeon's flats section of the merchant's district. Known by reputation as a fair business man with a particular care for is client's anonymity. It is rumored that he has a more than platonic relationship with the quite wealthy--and quite married--Lady Katja Bresnik.

Lady Katja Bresnik - A young, beautiful socialite and wife of the retired Sir Bresnik. Born to privilege and raised in the upper echelons of Ustalav's high society, the shrewd Lady Katja secured a profitable marriage early on and has since used her husband's wealth and influence to cement herself as a staple of Lepidstadt's social scene.

Sir Bornholde Bresnik - An elderly, retired knight more interested in his hounds and his country estates than his wife's vapid social politicking. He does dote on her in an affectionate way but remains mostly blissfully, and intentionally, unaware of her social outings.

Olver, Precocious Urchin - A scamp, scallywag, and child of the street. Olver is quick on his feet and eager to help our heroes, partly because of his sense of adventure and partly because of a hero worshiping crush on Shade.

Eduard Grine - A gnomish alchemist, one of the two owners of Vorkstag and Grine's Chymic works. He is short, suspicious, rude, and lacking any sort of social graces.

Johan Vorkstag - The second owner of the chymic works, Vorkstag is graceful and charming if a bit foppish. He has a good reputation as a businessman and powerful contacts in Lepidstadt's legal system.

Bertille Holmhill - The halfling proprietress of Bertille's Pawnbroker in the trade district.

Sister Temperance - A cleric of Pharasma who presides over the Pharasman chapel in Lepidstadt.

Citizens of Morast

Elder Corder Lazne - The leader of the village council in Morast, Elder Lazne lead the posse that laid a trap for the Beast and chased it into the swamp. He is fiercely protective of his family and his village and has little love for "big city folk and furriners", which is to say anyone not from Morast or, to a lesser extent, the other small communities in Dipplemere swamp.

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Chapter 2 - Journal
Knowledge Checks

Lepidstadt Rumors

DC 5: Burn the Beast! The city is whipped into a frenzy of anticipation over the coming trial.

DC 10: I hear the trialís first day detailed a long list of crimes against the Beast, three of which are to be used as the basis of its executionóburned alive in the Punishing Man, a giant pyre that is even now being raised outside the courthouse!

DC 15: Ha! That fool barrister Gustav Kaple is defending the creatureóhe canít even get a whole sentence out without stuttering! The Beast is as good as dead! Iíve heard that the prosecutionís case is watertightómurdering those poor children in Hergstag, killing all those swampers in Morast, and burning down good Doctor Bradaís hospice. Hurrah for Prosecutor Otto Heiger!

DC 20: Yes, Iíve heard stories that the Beast has done some kind things too, but itís plagued Lepidstadt for far too long. Even if it did do those things, thatís just proof that the creature is mad and deserves to be burned!

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Chapter 2 - Journal


Lepidstadt is a small city on the banks of the Lesser Moutray River, most famous for its university and the strange standing stones outside the city called the Spiral Cromlech. Recently renovated, Lepidstadt is a bustling, lively city of students and academics, with newly bricked streets, wide plazas, and grandiose structures built from imported wood and stone. Away from the university and city center, however, the narrow, winding streets of Lepidstadt show the signs of its age, with dilapidated hovels, crumbling stone walls, and cramped courtyards.

N Small City
Corruption +1; Crime +1; Economy +3; Lore +3; Society +4
Qualities academic, prosperous, rumormongering citizens, tourist attraction
Danger 5

Government council
Population 9780
Notable NPCs
   Judge Embreth Daramid
   Dean of Lepidstadt University Acciani Viacarri
   Former Count Alpon Caromarc

Base Value 6,000gp; Purchase Limit 37,500; Spellcasting 7th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 3d4

Lepidstadt and Surrounding Countryside

Lepidstadt Courthouse

Morast Boneyard


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Chapter 2 - Journal

The Beast's Crimes

The Morast Murders - A year ago The Beast murdered nine people in Morast, a small town in the center of Dippelmere Swamp. The murders took place between Gozran 6 and Desnus 1, 4710.

Overview - According to the account the Beast of Lepidstadt had haunted the swamps around Morast for several weeks, abducting and murdering lone citizens. Eventually the town banded together and laid a trap for the Beast, which fled into the swamp. The townsfolk gave chase and hounded the creature until it was attacked by a blood caiman. Thinking the Beast dead, they gave up pursuit and returned to the village. Only when it was captured at the university did they learn that it had survived, and Elder Lazne had come to give his testimony.

The Disappearances

Gozran 6 - Dowd Fisher, fisherman, disappeared at swamps edge

Gozran 8 - Illiza Jael, goodwife, disappeared at swamps edge, bloody discarded clothing found

Gozran 15 - Turstom & Hui Cohn, children, disappeared while fishing

Gozran 16 - Ian Hurenbran, fisherman, disappeared at swamps edge, blood and signs of struggle found

Gozran  19 - Duncan Rutherford, fisherman, disappeared while fishing, boat discovered later in the swamp covered in blood

Gozran 23 - Bertille Fisher, goodwife, abducted from her home at the edge of the swamp, signs of struggle found in her home

Gozran 27 - Cas Bowlder, weaver, disappeared at swamp's edge

Desnus 1 - Aran Fisher, carpenter, disappeared in the swamp while looking for abducted relatives

Desnus 2 - The trap is set, the Beast is chased into the swamp, attacked by a blood caiman, and presumed dead

Tracking the Scalpel

Our heroes discovered a medical scalpel at an abandoned campsite near the murders and took great effort to track down the scalpel's make and manufacturer.

The scalpel was crafted as part of a matched set by Zbraslav Hora. He sold the kit to Vladka Kostel who purchased on behalf of Ledov's Chiurgery Merchants, a wholesale auction house on Gozran 18, 4708.

Ledov's then sold the set to the shopkeeper Klud Radniche on Desnus 1, 4708.

Radniche sold the set to Master Vorkstag, of Vorkstag and Grine's Chymic Works on Desnus 8, 4708.

Constantine was also able to collate a list of previous purchases that Vorkstag had made at Radniche's Medical Supplies.

Lamashan 4705 - 2 casks of powdered chlorine

Kuthona 4705 - 1 jar ankheg bile

Pharast 4706 - bonesaw, surgical clamps, suture needles, cat gut

Lamashan 4706 - 2 casks of powdered chlorine

Lamashan 4707 - 2 casks of powdered chlorine

Desnus 4708 - Scalpel set

Desnus 4708 - cat gut

Desnus 4708 - suture needles, cat gut

Lamashan 4708 - 2 casks of powdered chlorine

Lamashan 4709 - 2 casks of powdered chlorine, 1 cask caustic soda

Desnus 4710 - cat gut, 1 cask antiseptic alcohol

Sarenith 4710 - 1 cask antiseptic alcohol

The Children of Hergstag - Seven months ago The Beast murdered six children in Hergstag.

Overview - Six children disappeared from the village of Hergstag between Kuthona 18th and Kuthona 23rd, after each disappearance witnesses reported that the ghosts of the victims returned to haunt the village by night. The village was gripped by hysteria and panic, which came to a head on the final day when the Beast walked directly into the village in broad daylight. He was carrying the body of the final victim and laughing. Enraged and grief stricken, the villagers fell on the Beast with pitchforks and scythes and drove it off into the swamp. Haunted by the ghosts of their lost children, the locals abandoned the village shortly thereafter.

Of the original inhabitants of Hergstag only three remain in the area and are serving as primary witnesses for the trial. The three sisters, Garrow, Starle, and Flicht Orzinov own a small windmill on the outskirts of the city.

The Victims

Kuthona 18th - Sarah Corrow, age 8 disappears

Kuthona 19th - Tomas and Holger Ramonanov, age 10 and 12 disappear

Kuthona 21st - Vania Stonebrow, age 22 disappears

Kuthona 22nd - Mikkel Kahnvald, age 10 disappears

Kuthona 23rd - Ellsa Torean, age 9 disappears

Kuthona 24th - The Beast carries Ellsa's body into the village, is set upon by the villagers, and chased into the swamp.

The Karb Isle Sanctuary Fire - Four months ago The Beast burned the asylum on Karb Isle to the ground, killing the staff and all of the patients.

Break in at Lepidstadt University - Three days ago The Beast was apprehended while breaking into the antiquities departmet of Lepidstadt University.

Because it was apprehended soon after it began its rampage and the city guard arrived at the scene quickly they were able to document the crime with a good deal of accuracy.

The Beast's entry point into the university was the rear door of the library, which was forced open with brute strength a little after midnight. This triggered an alarm spell, alerting guards in the faculty building, who began making their way towards the disturbance. Scuffs and tracks show that the Beast moved quickly through the library without disturbing anything until it arrived at the antiques department. Once there it began its rampage, raging and destroying anything it could reach until the university guards arrived several rounds later. They surrounded and subdued the beast with cudgels and catch-poles.

While the wanton nature of the destruction made categorizing the damage difficult an additional report, submitted by the university staff the following day, showed that numerous priceless antiques were damaged and one was missing entirely. The missing item was cataloged as a small statue of unknown origin depicting a grotesque figure writhing with tentacles.

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Chapter 2 - Journal