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Chapter 2.2 - An Interlude at the Inn
Constantine made his way to the inn where he, Garland and Darcon had taken rooms and was greeted by a delighted bundle of energy.

Kendra, her eyes shining with excitement, bustled him into one of the comfortable leather armchairs by the fireplace in the inn's common room and only paused long enough to push a porcelain cup full of tea into his hand before launching into a recount of her day.

She told him how nervous she had been at her application to the university, how she had waited on pins an needles while the board of admissions reviewed her entrance essay, how her confidence had faltered as she stood in front of the panel and answered their questions. She had acquitted herself well and afterwords one of her fathers old associates, Abraun Chalest, had pulled her aside with a kind word and an inquiry after her father. She bubbled over with excitement.

The board had been extremely impressed with her research and her part in the Harrowstone affair, with many probing questions about the nature of the haunting and the history of the prison.

"I've been accepted to study at the university, isn't that wonderful!" She sighed at last, collapsing back in her seat contentedly and fanning herself with a hand in the aftermath of excitement.

"And Professor Chalest ask me to ask you if you would call on him tomorrow. He has many questions about Harrowstone. And about me, I suppose." She said with a slight blush.

"How was your chat with Judge Daramid?"
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Chapter 2.2 - An Interlude at the Inn
“Aye! I had no doubts you would get accepted.  We have landed square in the middle of the trial of the beast and Morast to look into the murders there.”

SCG sips at his tea.
“There is something I wanted to show you and let you know it is yours if something should ever happen to me.”

SCG passes the silver holy symbol over to her to inspect...No doubt she will find the internal place and the etching on her own

SCG continues
“So we have a mystery and Inwanted to tell you the details and see if you had any ideas or notions.”

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Chapter 2.2 - An Interlude at the Inn
Kendra's cheerful tone grew somber as Constantine turned to the talk to more serious matters. She turned the intricately crafted holy symbol over in her hands, examining it in detail while he spoke. Her clever fingers quickly found the hidden catch and her brow rose in surprise as it popped open.

She was full of questions about the investigation and often broke in over Constantine's tale to interject some insight or ask for some detail. She seemed fascinated by the beast and horrified by the murders.

She shuddered and passed the holy symbol back to him when he had finished.

"From your description the creature certainly seems capable of the rage required to kill. But the Morast affair just seems so...methodical. Reasoned and planed. The Beast seems a more primal creature. But who knows? It's obviously intelligent. I only pray that we get to the bottom of this.

When we faced the ghosts of Harrowstone we were pitted against malevolent evil. It seems more insidious that a person could do this, even one as twisted as the Beast."

They leaned in with their heads together, discussing the case and trading theories as the evening wore on.

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