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Chapter 2.3 - The Midnight Oil
Shade of Lonwood:
"If we wanted the information at a reasonable hour, Madam Kostel, we would have come then. This is pertaining to the case of the Beast, and getting proper justice for all involved. There is little time before the trial, and this is something we need now.  There's papers and badges from the Judge if that is needful for you to see to help the city," Shade says, not looking impressed by Kostel, and indeed looking somewhat suspicious of her, as if Kostel might be involved and be next on the trial list if she withheld her knowledge...

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Vladka looked taken aback by the implication that any reticence to assist the investigators could lead to indemnity on her part. She considered for a long moment. As unhappy as she was to be rousted from her house late at night she had just as little desire to be portrayed negatively in the most widely publicized criminal case Lepidstadt had ever seen. Laying aside the personal toll, the effect that such publicity could have on her business prospects was incalculable.

At length she nodded to Shade.

"Wait here." She said.

She retired from the drawing room for some minutes and at length re-emerged wearing a dark, stout dress of fine cut, a small and fashionable hat, and a long bladed dagger at her belt. She wound her green scarf around her neck and motioned for our heroes to follow as she moved out of her rooms and into the foggy Lepidstadt night.

They walked several short blocks to the offices of Ledov's Chiurgery Merchants, which Vladka unlocked with a large brass key. She opened the door, poked her head inside, and said "Bindlestiff." in a loud, clear voice. She waited a moment, then led our heroes inside. Clearly the well-to-do establishment secured their premise with an alarm spell during their off hours.

Vladka led them past a small auction room with a stage at one side and seating area on the other, through a warehouse, and into a cramped office. She produced a tindertwig and candle, which she handed to Constantine to hold over her shoulder while she pulled out several boxes of old sales receipts. She reference the item and date from the bill of sale that Hora had provide and, presently, pulled out a very similar slip from her own records.

"Let's see. Lot number 17823-B, purchased Gozran 18th, 4708, held at primary warehouse until auction on..." She flipped to the next page. "...Desnus 1st. Purchaser used a letter of credit redeemed the following Oathday at the Lepidstadt Temple of Abadar. Lot 17823-B and four other items sold to...Klud Radniche, of Radniche's Medical Supplies." She said.

The name stirred a faint memory in Shade's mind. Could it be the same shop? It had to be. She had purchased a case of tonic tinctures from the shop some years previously on commission for the Lepidstadt Home of Orphaned children.

Vladka provides the name of the person who bought the surgical tools, one Klud Radniche. It just so happens that Shade is acquainted with Klud already, having done some business with him in the past, and knows just where his shop is located.
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Chapter 2.3 - The Midnight Oil
“Might we borrow that bill of sale or can you make a duplicate for us to take to court?”

He looks to his companions
“Do we already know then our next destination?”

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Chapter 2.3 - The Midnight Oil
Remaining brusquely professional, Vadim had kept his thoughts mostly to himself during this leg of the investigation.  His aged and swamp-stained appearance did little to lend any air of sophistication to their enquiries, but his presence did add a certain dogged gravity to the proceedings.  A simple nod and a word indicated his gratitude on behalf of the Court, and he turned to address the others.

"Do we drag that barrister from his bed to start his work now, before we go on?"