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Thu 20 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
Sir Constantine climbed back onto the carriage and wheeled it around on the road, speeding back to Lepidstadt on an urgent errand. It was a quick trip back the way he had come, past farms and warehouses that became more and more densely packed as they began to form the industrial outskirts of the city proper. Within a quarter hour he was back in the city, where he had to arrest his progress somewhat to accommodate the general traffic on the streets. Today was particularly bustling, with many onlookers filling the city in anticipation of the trial in three days time.

His first stop was to Judge Daramid's house, where he was informed by the maid that the judge was not home and had left early for the courthouse. He left the cab in front of the judge's house, it was just a short walk across the square to the courthouse itself, and quickly made his way up the marble steps.

Barrister Kaple was still in his office, still reviewing the briefs for the upcoming hearing, and greeted Constantine warmly.

"You've returned! That was swift. W-what did you find at the chymic works?"
Sir Constantine Godalming
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Thu 20 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
“That we are in desperate need of a warrant; with my compatriots being held at the gate; and entry refused.”
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Thu 20 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
Kaple nodded and quickly pushed himself out of his desk.

"It was wise of you not to risk the investigation by exceeding the bounds of the law. Let's g-go see if they've finished." He said.

He lead the way from the offices, through the grand court room, and to the judge's chamber itself. A grizzled looking bailiff was stationed there and held up a forestalling hand.

"Judges Daramid and Aldaar are still meeting with Chief Justice Khard. They are not to be disturbed." He said.

"B-b-b-b-but we need an a-a-audience with Judge D-Daramid!" Barrister Kaple protested, his stutter growing more pronounced under stress.

The bailiff looked unconcerned.

"You will have to wait until they adjourn. They're discussing important matters related to the pre-trial."
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Thu 20 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
“They will very much want to see us; a warrant is needed to avoid a mistrial, and all pre trial preparation will be for naught,  Help us to help them.”

Sir Constantine Godalming rolled 9 using 1d20+8.  Diplomacy .

Looks like he’s heard this song and dance before!!!

“Looks like we might be waiting.  I tried to get a writ of mandamus, if I leave one with you can you sign off on it?..”

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Fri 21 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
Kaple nodded and promised to inform Constantine the moment that the judge's meeting ended an he was able to obtain a warrant.

"Where will I find you? If you're staking out the factory I can send a boy with a message there once I have the warrant. Or will you be somewhere else investigating?"
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Fri 21 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
“Are the three sisters from Herstag in town yet for the trial?.  I would very much like to hear their stories?”

“Unless there is a lead or witness you need me to question.”
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Mon 24 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
"Yes, they operate a windmill on the outskirts of the city. It's outside the old wall, on Aleksanderstrasse. I'll write down the address for you." Kaple said, producing a scrap of parchment to do just that.

"They are the p-primary witnesses for the prosecution, it would be most useful to question them about the Hergstag murders before the deposition tomorrow.

Or you could investigate the break in at the University. The city watch have been over the crime scene but I'm sure our case could benefit from your expert investigation as well.

The Orzinov sist-ters and the break in at the university are central to the case on whole, I'm sure that everyone on your team would benefit from being present while you investigate. If you are going to question them while you wait for the warrant I would recommend taking everybody."

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Mon 24 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
“I do not want to go too far away in case you need to bring me the warrant; I will go see what is going on at the university as we have a friend who just started there.  Please find me should I be needed to swear out the warrant or to take it back to my friends.”

SCG heads over to the university to hear any local gossip on the matter
Sir Constantine Godalming rolled 14 using 1d20+8.  Diplomacy (gather information)

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Tue 25 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
Constantine made his way towards the university to see what he could find out and to pay a visit to Kendra, who he found poring over a book in the library.

The university was a large collection of stately buildings arranged on a campus towards the south of the city. There was a wing of dormitories and professor's offices, a large amphitheater and buildings that housed class rooms and lecture halls, large departments devoted to natural philosophy, history, and arcaneum, and one of the oldest and best tended libraries in Ustalav.

As Constantine made his way to the library he passed the Antiquities department, still closed down and guarded by two of the universities' watchmen. It had been more than a week since the Beast had rampaged through there and been captured, but onlookers still craned their necks to peer inside over the ropes that had been placed to keep out trespassers.

Constantine entered the library and found Kendra in one of the alcoves between the massive stacks, bent over a table and cross referencing several ancient tomes. She brightened when she saw him and lay down a sheet of parchment to keep her place as she bubbled forwards to tell what she'd found.

"The Beast is definitely a flesh golem of some description." She said, rapidly flipping through her notes and showing Constantine the ghoulish illustrations of alchemical golem creation in a book called The Manual Medicak, by Prof Montreseur, herein beying an Accounting of alle subjeckts relating to the Bodie, and its Anatomies.

"But his intelligence, his ability to speak and reason, they are unique. No golem described here has such capacity. He may be something new and unique. I'll have to continue researching." As if distracted she drifted back into her books, the call of knowledge more powerful than the ordinary concerns of life.

Constantine himself set about gathering what information he could about the upcoming Hergstag case. Unfortunately he made very little headway, and the distracted academics were able to tell him little more than what he already knew: The three sisters were the primary witnesses in the case, and they operated a mill in Lepidstadt.

He was in the process of probing for more leads when a guardsman in the city watch uniform bustled up to him. He was slightly familiar to Constantine, having seen him standing watch at the courthouse. The guard bowed and held out a note that had been folded but not sealed.

"Message for you, sir." He said.

The note was from Barrister Kaple and read "The judges have ended their session, but there is a complication at the courthouse. You must return at once.

-G. Kaple, ESQ.

Constantine, you don't manage to find out much more with your Gather Information check. I rolled the gather info time on your behalf and got max, four hours, so this note comes when you are partially done with the check. The time when you receive the note is nine o'clock.
Sir Constantine Godalming
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Tue 25 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
The university swarms with youth, talent and vigor and no shortage of inquisitive young imaginative minds; but he catches no hint or clue of truth.

“Thank you lady Kendra, can you bring this text to the courthouse?  Is there an expert on such matters at the university, it seems likely such an academic would have been called to testify.”

Once he receives the note
..  “It would seem duty calls back to the court, pardon me, hopefully dinner tonight will be a respite “

SCG offers a bow to Kendra and then returns to Kaple.

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Wed 26 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
There was a general bustle in the courthouse when Constantine returned. The judge's special session had just ended and a pair of aides and a scribe were filing out of the chief justice's chambers. The judges themselves were leaving as well, preparing to take a short recess before the deposition began.

A loud shout rang through the courtroom just as Constantine entered.

A tall, thin man in a fine coat of black velvet trimmed in lace was standing near the courthouse clerk's alcove in conversation with Captain Walton. When Constantine entered he swept off his top hat, dashed forwards two steps, and pointed an accusing finger at the paladin. His voice boomed through the antechamber loudly and theatrically.

"That's him, officer! This man and his nefarious compatriots assaulted my business partner! They tried to invade my business and endanger my employees! I demand that they be arrested immediately!"
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Wed 26 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
SCG glares right at the man...
“Since I am here seeking a warrant rather than currently searching a business on probable cause that makes you a liar!   And also who are you and who are you confessing is a business associate of yours?”

Sir Constantine Godalming rolled 20 using 1d20+7.  Intimidate

“The court is busy perhaps we can settle this immediate matter of honor with fisticuffs, man to man!”

“Captain hold your men until I am able to acertain the correct rank of tophat in your command structure.”

To Kaple
“You can obtain the warrant without my assistance, yes? Go ahead and ask the judge if he or she has any reason to refuse himself in a ruling against this person or business...”

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Thu 27 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
"Fisticuffs?!" The man said, aghast. He held a silk handkerchief to his nose and swooned, apparently overcome by such a raucous proposition. His theatrics had attracted the attention of the three judges, who drifted towards the clerk's desk.

"Do you see! Do you see the bullyboy tactics that this ruffian employs!" He shouted loudly enough for everyone in the courtroom to hear.

Judge Daramid looked on the verge of speaking up but before she could the venerable Chief Justice Khard stepped forward. He had a face like a granite block and a frame that had been powerful in his youth, once strong shoulders now cloaked in authority and hard won wisdom. A deep frown tugged at the corners of his mouth in a way that suggested that it rarely left.

"What's all this, then?" He said, his voice deep and booming even in close conversation.

Constantine's accuser stepped forward with a deep and genteel bow.

"Your honor, I am Master Johan Vorkstag. This man..." He pointed with an exaggerated gesture at Constantine. "And his nefarious band of criminals assailed my place of business and used foul, coercive magics to force my business partner, one Eduard Grine, to allow them entry into our chymic works. Fortunately he was able to resist this evil spell, but even now his compatriots assail my business and threaten the safety of my workers."

"If I may, your honor." Judge Daramid broke in, stepping forward. She was the blade to Khard's cudgel, every bit as hard and twice as sharp.

"This man is an agent of mine, gathering evidence in preparation for the trial. I'm certain that anything that he has done was justified by the investigation."

"He's a deputy?" Khard asked.

Judge Daramid answered after a moment's hesitation.

"He is not, he was never sworn in. But he is an aide to one Master Karamazov, who is a sworn deputy, and is acting under my authority."

Chief Justice Khard snorted like a bull and turned his attention to Constantine.

"Well, sir, what have you to say for yourself? This man claims mental assault against you."
Sir Constantine Godalming
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Thu 27 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
”Thank you your honors, I am Sir Constantine Godalming a Paladin of Abadar; and as such was unable to take the deputy oath as potentially conflicting with my unbreakable oath of duty; yes I can explain, a complete trail of evidence, namely sales receipts beginning with the crafter of the object leads to a weapon tied to the Morast murders directly to the possession of this man, following this lead we stopped at the gate and requested entry; finding no acceptance of any reasonable entry other than force, I left my companions at the gate until I secured the warrant, in my opinion the probable cause was completely sufficient for forced entry.  Rather than pursue that option, discretion being an honorable trait as well I came here earlier to review the evidence with Barrister Kaple and swear out a proper warrant; whilst you were in pretrial motions.”

He pauses briefly
”Upon my return here this man verbally accosted my person, what he said was a lie, at which point I informed him he is a liar, and invited him to settle a point of honor before setting course upon a point of law.  I requested Kaple seek the warrant without me and ensure any conflicted judge recuse herself in the issuance of the warrant.”

Turning back to the dandy

”Thank you as well you have saved me the trouble of finding you, let me list the probable cause of your being detained; you are the last documented owner of a distinct murder weapon, located at a crime scene, your underlings have denied lawful entry for search of your premises, you have attempted to circumvent justice, lied to an officer of the court, ordered a court official to do your bidding, obstructed justice,  attempted to impede my lawful inquiries.  Finally an innocent person would  be seeking to find out who took a murder weapon from them, and likewise trying to enlist my assistance; however, you are here attempting to use the court, the garrison against as if they are in your direct employ,  ordering my arrest, I find all of this more disconcerting than fisticuffs; and your theatrics are not appreciated.”

”I am therefore remanding you into custody and will be a taking a complete inventory of your possessions as further evidence; I am also submitting your actions here into the current warrant application; as well as one for your person; unless you want to give consent to search both your person and your business interests?”

SCG takes out a set of MW manacles
Sir Constantine Godalming rolled 20 using 1d20+7.  Intimidate

”Beg pardon your honors myself and allies have gotten by on little sleep as investigations take time.”

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Fri 28 Feb 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
"Murder weapon? What murder weapon? Everyone knows that the people of Morast were taken by the Beast of Lepidstadt." Vorkstag asked, incredulous.

Now was Kaple's time to shine and he leaped forward brandishing the briefs still bundled in his arms triumphantly.

"THIS murder weapon! Which was f-f-found at the scene of the c-c-crimes and t-t-t....t-t...traced directly from the manufacturer to a purchase by your own person!"

Vorkstag growled and snatched the chain of purchase information from Kaple, poring over it briefly before handing it back. The chemist cracked a rueful smile.

"You've been had, law man. That slippery bastard Radniche pulled the wool over your eyes. This sales receipt is certainly accurate. But I wonder...did you examine his invoices as well as his receipts? If you had you would have seen that I returned that surgical kit to him for a full refund not five days after I purchased it. Radniche is your man." Vorkstag said.

Judge Daramid frowned.

"And we are simply supposed to take that on faith? That you did not have the surgical tools in question?" She asked.

"Of course not. I have a refund receipt, and I'm sure you'll find an identical receipt in Radniche's records." Vorkstag said.

The judge demanded that he produce it and he rolled his eyes.

"I don't have it with me. Why would I? I can present it to the court to prove my innocence."

He whirled on Constantine.

"You have no evidence that I was ever at Morast. The scalpel that you found was left by Mister Radniche, not I.

Furthermore you have no evidence that Radniche himself is guilty of any crime, the witnesses saw the Beast of Lepidstadt, not a man.

In addition, even if Radniche was at Morast at the same time as the beast you have no evidence that he committed any crimes. Forgetting a medical implement is not illegal.

You invaded my privacy and your companion assaulted my business partner."

At this he turned pleadingly to the judge.

"The enchantment of charm person was cast upon him in a pernicious attempt to subvert the security of my business and endanger my workers. I have every right to deny this thug access to my personal holdings because his investigation is unlawful and based only on circumstantial evidence and lies.

I protest this flagrant misuse of judicial discretion, and I beg that I be protected from further persecution by these unjust ruffians."

He bowed deeply to Chief Justice Khard.

The stony faced judge turned a face like a thundercloud over the proceedings, his gaze sweeping between Constantine and Vorkstag.

"Well, Godalming?" He asked, brow furrowing. "Did your man try to enspell his partner?"
Sir Constantine Godalming
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Fri 28 Feb 2020
at 19:50
Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
“In direct answer to your question your honor, I saw no such event happen; nor can I say what has transpired at the gates whilst I turned the carriage and came back.  I beg your indulgence your honors the importance of law and order is of primary and great importance to us all.  Your prudent foresight to call for a trial is to be commended and applauded as many in such conditions may have skipped jurisprudence all together.  The tenants of Abadar are clear in respect for the courts, but they are equally clear on dealing with bandits, those who live by plunder, most narrowly think of highway men and burglars, but there are also stealers of identity, false princes set upon thrones, crafty users of dark magic and even evil shapeshifters.  At the same time I am granted abilities and spells such as Abadar’s Truthtelling, or smiting evil with that powers comes the responsibility of my sole discernment in when to use it, no court issuance neither adjudicate nor serve injunction upon that, there is no legal conflict; as a valid court would decline to even hear such a case.  Meaning there exist both things and circumstances beyond the normal reach and exceeding the authority of the courts and beyond even great judges to impose order upon; dragons; devils and demons!  Who would give each of a multitude of demons each a day in court?   For that reason I ask the judges here not to stop me or offer any impediment.  Likewise commander I would have you also agree not to interfere....”

Sir Constantine Godalming rolled 22 using 1d20+8.  Diplomacy

“What happens should a Paladin try to smite a person who is not evil?  It is wasted effort full of sound and fury and causing no holy harm; how could holy energy hurt anything not evil?

Waits for the judges to agree and the commander

Turns to the chymical master
“You stand here with confident swagger conning the ignorant with fully predictable routines certain of your inscrutable nature, but behind your single lie and my gaze upon your countenance you have undone yourself!  I am ready for your continued false statements and forged documents;  saying the item was sold or stolen or returned;  and therefore we must we play the puppets and move to retrieve it from where you say it is have you added difficulty to obtain it to convince us all of its authenticity? Likewise the man you name is likely already dead by your hand and firmly planted the evidence of his guilt and escape.  Also you tell me there is a secret way in and out of your lair, that it is more than the layout seen from the walls.”

“My suspicion for the Morast murderer, has evolved as evidence was painstakingly collected; however the most likely full conclusion is a very dangerous shapeshifter of some sort who is also an alchemist, as cataloged in the evidence along with everything else a vial with the remnants of a mutagen.  If a shapeshifter sought to plunder a place of little suspicion, isolated, with wealth, power and influence the Master Chymist would have made the perfect target for plunder; if this man has tiny vials of bombs, potions, and mutagens on his person he may be the most dangerous thing in this room, possibly even without them. Which is why he refuses to set down his goods and turn out his pockets!“

Sir Constantine Godalming rolled 18 using 1d20+7.  Intimidate

“You cry false for your workers!  When does the shift end? when can they be seen?  Have they been murdered and brought in as a skeleton crew? Do not cry more false tears or feigned terror, the lady doth protest too much for a peek in her purse; after I put you down I will go there and see whom can be helped.”

“Last chance to put down all your items on the table! No twists, no turns, no escape!  Prepare yourself for the judgement and justice too long delayed and denied!  If you believe the full of people here will or can stop me from hunting you with sleepless and unceasing persistence until you are done you have made your last miscalculation!”

Sir Constantine Godalming rolled 15 using 1d20+1.  Initiative

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Mon 2 Mar 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
Constantine delivered his speech boldly, declaring the guilt of master Vorkstag and his righteous intent to smite him to prove his guilt.

His words seemed to have the opposite of their desired effect.

Chief Justice Khard's face darkened.

"...responsibility of my sole discernment in when to use it, no court issuance neither adjudicate nor serve injunction upon that, there is no legal conflict..." Constantine said, his voice booming with conviction.

"...There exist both things and circumstances beyond the normal reach and exceeding the authority of the courts..."

"You think yourself above the law, then? That your paladin's oath sets you above the authority of this court?" The chief justice asked, and something in his tone said that Constantine was in dangerous territory.

“What happens should a Paladin try to smite a person who is not evil?  It is wasted effort full of sound and fury and causing no holy harm; how could holy energy hurt anything not evil?" Constantine continued.

At this Vorkstag bleated a cry of protest.

"Y-you're going to allow him to assault me?! To prove that the assault was justified?!" The alchemist wailed.

"Of course not." The Khard snapped. "But you are on thin ice as well, Mister Vorkstag. There is more than enough evidence to justify..."

Constantine's tirade against Vorkstag continued, who cringed farther and farther back behind captain Walton.

"...I am ready for your continued false statements and forged documents... you name is likely already dead by your hand...

...planted the evidence of his guilt and escape...

...a very dangerous shapeshifter of some sort who is also an alchemist...

...this man has tiny vials of bombs, potions, and mutagens on his person..."

"ENOUGH!" Chief justice Khard roared, striding forward and slamming the flat of his hand onto the desktop with a crack like thunder.

"You are on dangerous ground, MISTER Godalming. You present evidence to obtain a warrant. This is due course. But what are these fantastical claims that you make? Murder? Forging evidence? A shapeshifter, by the gods? And I will tell you this. Nobody is above the law in my city. Not even a paladin of Abadar."

He whirled on Vorkstag.

"YOU are not off the hook either. There must be an explanation for these charges leveled against you. So far the only credible claim is that you were in possession of the scalpel, which was found at the scene. I am inclined to grant Godalming's request..."

Vorkstag spoke up in protest but Khard cut him off. The judge shot a weighing glance at Constantine.

"...but I'm no longer confident that such a search would be carried out without an abuse of police power. Therefore you have one chance to prove your innocence before I change my mind. Produce the return bill of sale, and if I'm not satisfied by the gods I will let this man tear apart your factory from foundation to eaves."

Vorkstag bowed deeply. While he was bent double, his back presented to the court, he shot a nasty smile in Constantine's direction.

"Yes, your Honor. My factory is some distance away but I can also obtain the necessary document from the vendor himself, one Master Klud Radniche. I will return forthwith with the paperwork."

Still bowing effusively he rushed out of the courtroom as fast as he could.

Constantine, your check results have convinced the judges that Vorkstag bears investigating but some of your other claims, in particular smiting and attacking to prove that he's evil, have called your impartiality into question. It's like a polygraph test, you can't force someone to submit to a detect alignment or zone of truth spell without their consent, and since smite evil involves actually attacking him they're even less inclined to allow you. It looks like Vorkstag is getting away with it...for now...

Also worth noting, you were definitely present in the thread to see Darcon cast charm person on Grine.

Sir Constantine Godalming
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Mon 2 Mar 2020
at 21:02
Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
“There is no conflict between the law and the Paladin oath.  Just as I say only Abadar can fail to grant me powers and that no court can rule away my responsibilities, nor can I abjure them.”
He shrugs his shoulders

“I have raised these concerns, fantastical or not because it was for the betterment of the community as a whole that I do so, just as it seems you also are trying to do.  For evidence of non impartiality the pyre raised ahead of the trial raises the same questions?”

“As I said to the one appearing as Vorkstag; had I meant to overreach I would currently be in his factory rather than here requesting a warrant.  Speaking of which I would like to go back to the factory as well to collect my friends and I was not clear on the warrant request.”

Will have to disagree, yes still present (in the thread) but not a witness to the spell casting.  I just re-read it I was there!  Holy smokes!! Totally missed it...

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Tue 3 Mar 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
"Your zeal does you credit, but I would warn you to temper it with prudence. Every citizen of Lepidstadt has rights to privacy, autonomy, and the protection of the law until sufficient evidence is presented to warrant the revocation of these rights." Chief Justice Khard said.

"Now if you will excuse me, we have a deposition in a very few minutes and there are preparations to be made."

He and judge Aldaar withdrew but judge Daramid held herself back, pulling Constantine aside.

"You've done well so far, keep up your investigation." She urged.

"Now that the chief justice has ruled I cannot contravene his orders, but we may yet have a card to play once Vorkstag returns with his purported evidence. Continue with your task."

Then she too moved to return to the courtroom.

Some minutes later a grubby faced little urchin presented himself at the courthouse door and was promptly turned away by the guards there. He did an odd half feint, darted left, scrambled right, and before they could react he had dashed between them and into the courthouse proper. They were hot on his heels and had him by the scruff of the neck by the time had reached our hero.

"Oy! 'Re you Constantin? Oi've got a message fer ya!" He said, waving Darcon's note.

The guards released him grudgingly and the lad, who introduced him as Olver, passed the slip over to Constantine.

We are investigating Bertille's Pawnbroker on Amhurst Lane. Meet us there or wait for us at the inn. Give the person who delivers this to you a gold coin.


Sir Constantine Godalming
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Tue 3 Mar 2020
at 20:34
Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
“Of course a spirited defense is the best one can hope for.  I will continue to push forward and request warrants at the proper time.  Likewise feel free to send us in directions should you have a warrant that need be executed!”

Once the young lad shows up...
“They must have tired of waiting for me.  Child is it safe to give you a gold coin?  Should I give silvers to your mother instead?   That is if you have a mother. ”

SCG consults his memory of the town and the note...Amherst lane yes of course!

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Wed 4 Mar 2020
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Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
The urchin bowed and skipped away from the courthouse guards, although they made no effort to interfere with him when it became clear that he had a message for Constantine.

"Oh, leavin' it with me is more'n good enough." He said, making the coin disappear as Constantine swept out.

If you'd like to join Darcon at the pawn shop you can jump over into that thread.
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Thu 5 Mar 2020
at 01:12
Chapter 2.4 - Warranted
“Lad i have hired the coach across the way for the forseable future, if you keep an eye out we might have more coins for you.”