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What you know about each other.
As per Rodion's suggestion.

One post each covering physical description (which can be copy pasted to/from your character details), personality, mannerisms, skills (both in and out of combat), common tactics in a fight, aims for the future and anything else that comes to mind.
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What you know about each other.
Kaern is a lean Halfling, topping his height at 3'2" and 34 pounds. He has slightly long light brown hair that, when loose, reaches his shoulders. He often wears it tied with a piece of copper wire. He has startling blue eyes which are sharp and hold kindness and warmth. Kaern has a tattoo on his right shoulder of a bird of prey clutching a spear in its talon. When he walks he has a slight limp, and has a scar on his right calf from an old injury. When he runs, the limp is more obvious

He wears light grey studded leather Armor and has a short sword sheathed on his back. He also has a hand axe, a curveddadder (kurki), and a crossbow, but his main weapon of choice is a spear.

Kaern is a little quiet around people, spending time on his own or with animals, but he is friendly and kind. He has a fear of closed in spaces, and a unusual fascination with birds and heights. In combat he favours ranged items like his spear or shortbow, but when in close quarters, uses his Shortsword. Even though his injured, he is nimble, dexterous and fast. Kaern has an infinity for animals....he can almost communicate with them. Despite this, he has never gotten a companion of his own....unusual for a ranger. He is a skilled tracker and has sharp eyes.
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Fri 9 Sep 2016
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What you know about each other.
This man who introduced himself as Greyband is tall, thin and wiry. He moves with almost poetic grace. His tan, serene face smiles at you; light shines off his shaved-bald pate. His voice is deep an calm, though there is occasionally an edge in his voice.

He wears simple traveler's clothing with the exception of his arms, which bear well-wrought thin gauntlets and clearly well-wrought bracers. A simple silver amulet shines on his chest.

Fairly calm and centered, Greyband has a wry sense of humor with serious undertones. He is extremely loyal and grows attached to some strong people.

He tends to try to avoid conflict with all except the obviously evil, such as sentient undead or aberrations. When in battle, he uses his superior speed to his advantage, maneuvering to put himself into flanking positions with another party member as early as possible and striking repeatedly with his unarmed attacks. He mostly uses his shuriken as discouraging foes from following if the party seeks to leave the battlefield or avoid a direct confrontation, or if he has no other choice.
Thoadin Greymail
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What you know about each other.
At first glance, Thoadin appears much like the majority of the Stout Folk abroad in the world. Thick, strong, and only coming to the chest of most Humans in terms of height. Craggy features, and volcanic blue eyes are offset by a magnificent blond beard that reaches to the Dwarf's belt. All of these things would be expected, but a second look would reveal that this particular man has more going on than the average Dwarf-about-town.

An angry white scar runs from the top of his left eyebrow, across his wide forehead. Thoadin claims it is a souvenir of his "wonderful childhood among the gutter trash and Cavvekans." Nearly every waking moment that this Dwarf walks about, he is covered with a thick layer of soot, powder, or other less identifiable liquids. This, combined with the thick leather gloves that never seem to leave his hands, gives the impression that this man is a smith of some kind. Where and how he does this smith work is a bit of a mystery to strangers, as Thoadin is a traveler, an is never seen outside the company of a truly bizarre but nonetheless impressive stagecoach.

His companions among the Fere Might know the answer to this little puzzle. Thoadin's sobriquet for the war wagon, The Anvil, is no mere term of affection. When he first built the vehicle, the Dwarf had created special hinges, locks, and other clever mechanics that allows the back of the cargo compartment to open on his height level. Within, taking up roughly half of the cargo bay, is a mobile smithy, and miniature Alchemist's lab. Useful for making his forgework while on the road.

The oddities in his appearance continue, as the smith openly wears a breastplate of some shiny material that is often dulled by the aforementioned soot and unidentifiable liquids. It appears that the Dwarf wishes his preparedness for combat to be very open, as a warning to others. With a hammer hanging from his wide leather belt, and a curious cylindrical metal tube slung over one shoulder, this craftsman looks like he can handle himself. The road is a dangerous place, after all.

This fearsome yet pragmatic appearance is complimented by the man who holds them. Thoadin is a fiercely intelligent Dwarf, who is so well versed in the secrets of the forge, and the mysteries of the mortar and pestle, that he could easily retire to his homeland and make an easy living. But the smith yearns for yet more. Always hungry for the next bit of esoteric knowledge, his studies and travels has given birth to a wanderlust in his heart. The world is wide, and has things to teach him. These desires are not purely for self-gratification however. Thoadin has a good heart. When he is no longer a young man, and his beard reaches his toes, he plans on returning to Earthheart laden with treasure and proven inventions. With both he hopes to improve the quality of life of his city of birth, and a legacy that will uplift the Dwarven people long after he has returned to the stone. This altruism suffuses his actions, despite the gruff and grumbling exterior he projects to the world. While he may bark and complain, he would fight off an Orc raid on a peasant village without hesitation. And on more than one occasion, one of his delicate music boxes have ended up in the hands of the children of the villages the Fere Might passes through, despite no coin ending up in his pocket.

Whatever can be said of Thoadin Greymail, it is clear that he is a very unique and passionate Dwarf that is sure to leave some kind of mark on the world.
Rodion H O'Driscoll
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What you know about each other.
  Rodion is clearly and elf, but there are subtle signs that there's something else mixed in with his ancestry too: Features that are a little too angular, a slight golden glow to his complexion, fingernails that are slightly too sharp. He seems a little short for an elf, but this is because of his bulk: Up close his muscularity is plain to see.
  He generally wears a good qualty clothing, practical and hard wearing rather than fancy, with the symbol of Corellon prominent upon his chest. Occasionally a breastplate can be glimpsed under top layers while a shield is across his back. Also upon his back is a large two-handed sword and a backpack, while a heavy mace hangs at his side. Often he will carry a long spear loosely in one hand, ready to investigate his surroundings or to receive an attack.

  Rodion is a Paladin of Paladin of Freedom (UA53) 2nd/ Battle Sorcerer (UA56) 2nd, intending to take two more levels of Battle Sorcerer before heading to Abjurant Champion and then Eldritch Knight. He's a Draconic Wood Elf and has bought off the LA, so is still 4th level while the rest of the party is 5th.
  Taking on missions away from his home church led to him drifting away from the path of the paladin towards the sorcery of his draconic heritage: He is CG after all. But he still holds true to his paladin ideals and hates slavery or other other forms of enslavement and is even dubious of contracts (just about okay if signed freely).
  Party-wise, with few skill points, he's unlikely to do much other than fight, although he does know a bit about Arcana, Relgion, and Spellcraft.
  I also prefer the 'don't get hit' philosophy to the 'loads of HP' philosophy, so he can cast arcane spells while wearing medium armour, and would ideally like a suit of enchanted mithril full plate. He hasn't specialised in any particular weapons and will use what fits the situation best: No magic weapons so far, but several masterwork ones. He gernerally wanders around with a longsword and heavy shield, but if he konws battle is immenent, he'll cast Shield (the one 1st level spell he knows - cast four times per day), which will improve his AC by 1 and allow him to use two-handed weapons, quite commonly a reach one (with claws to threaten within 5').
  His Steadfast Boots let him use any weapon to set verses a charge, so he will often let others close with him (getting an AoO too if using a reach weapon) rather than charging himself. He also carries a wand of Enlarge Person, which will also increase his threat area.
  Personality-wise, he's generally fairly easy-going. More of a follower than a leader, not out for fame, but rather to right wrongs. Not a founding member of the party.

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Charnath Yorn
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What you know about each other.
Charnath Yorn seems young, though his eyes show the wisdom and intelligence of one who seems much older.  Though the young man wears simple clothes,  simple loose shirt and pants, they are well-made, and everything is in its proper place.  Beneath the clothes comes the occasional flash that hints at greater possessions: an amulet, bracers, an exceptional belt, and the cloak that trails down his back.

Charnath is part of an elite group of the Church of Bahamut, called the Claws of Platinum Dragon, who seek to emulate their god through a fusion of bare-handed martial skill and divine prowess.  Walking such a path is far from easy, and very few can handle the twin roads that call for physical self-improvement as well as inward-looking wisdom and introspection.  Charnath is young for the order, and indeed, not yet fully initiated into the mysteries of the Claws.  Bahamut's clerics send aspiring Claws into the world to aid the cause of the Platinum Dragon by spreading justice, law and good, and especially fighting against the evil dragons of Tiamat and her ilk.

In battle, Charnath serves two roles: one is that of a buffing/healing cleric, but he is also an agile monk, aiming to buff himself and wade into melee with his amplified skills,