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New races (and other homebrewed content)
The following races exist on this world.

Kratikan - What's left of an ancient and lost kingdom of empaths.

Yaran - A race of Snake women from beyond the civilized lands.

Zwilian - A basically unknown and secret bloodline that has been alive for generations living in the shades.
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The Kratikan used to have a kingdom of their own, and legend says they were the first civilized people's of the known world, in fact their ability to share thoughts and experiences seemed to be the reason they formed the first civilization. Their old empire dates back to the ages of myth, but by the beginning of the Golden age was reduced to an isolated small kingdom that was basically crushed under the barbarian invasions during the Silver Age. Currently what few Kratikan's survive are scattered through the world.

Kratikan Traits

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 2, and your Charisma by 1.

Age. Kratikan's age at the same rate as normal humans. But they are shorter lived, they normally live to be  60 to 70 years old.

Alignment. Due to their empathic nature, Kratikan's tend towards good.

Size. Kratikan's are about as tall as humans. They are Medium sized.

Speed. Kratikan's base walking speed is 30 feet.

Empathy. Kratikan's can communicate basic needs and emotions without the need for language. They can also sense the most superficial emotions from other humanoids.

Deep connection. You can appropriate another person's pain in order to relieve it. During a short rest, you can allow an ally to use one of your hit dice instead of their own.

Focused attention. You can focus on only one person by willingly ignoring everybody else. You can cast Detect Thoughts without components, you need to complete a long rest before doing it again.

Languages. Kratikan's have no need for language when inside their own communities, however they all learn Common in order to interact with others.
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Yaran's are a group of serpentine humanoids who live by themselves in the wild areas. Their origins are lost to time, but legend says they arrived form the dark dimension during the times of tribulation before the beginning of the silver age.

Yaran's are a society of snake women, they don't pair of form any sentimental bond in the way other humanoids do, instead they reproduce by partenogenesis by the time they reach mature age.

Yaran Traits

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.

Age. Yaran's mature relatively fast. They are fully independent and considered adult by the time they reach 15. They fully mature by the time they turn 20, and can live to be 60 years old.

Alignment. Yaran's are highly tribal and honor their traditions and family dearly. They have a great tendency to be Lawful.

Size. Yaran's are medium, they are 5' tall when fully standing and bent over half of her body length. A Yaran can choose to spread around so her long body occupies a bigger area, as a Large creature would.

Speed. Yaran's base walking speed is 30 feet. As they are long and have no legs, they can easily climb a lot of surfaces as long as they have places to hang on too. Their climbing speed is 15 feet.

Blindsight. Yaran's cannot see better in the dark than humans do, however they have blindsight up to 10 feet

Fang Bite. Yaran's can bite aggressively. They can make a melee bite attack at will which causes 1d4+ Strength modifier damage. Sometimes they can inflict other conditions on a failed save, the DC is 8 + Constitution modifier + their Proficiency Bonus.

Languages. Yaran's can talk fluent Common and Sylvan.


Viperia Yaran's are a venomous off-shot of the Yaran's. They are very cunning and smart, even prudent when using their venom.

Ability score increase: Increase a Viperia's Intelligence by 1.

Persistent poison. When a Viperia successfully hits with her Fang Bite, she can choose to expend a venom charge to make an additional 1d6 poison damage per charge. The hurt creature must make a Constitution save after 1 minute or take an additional 1d6 damage per charge used.

A Viperia has two venom charges (3 at 5th level, 4 at 11th, 5 at 16th). She recovers spent Venom Charges recover after a short or long rest.

Sneaky. Viperias have a burrowing speed of 30 feet.

Phobias are the queens among Yarans, with a strong presence and a fearful aura, backed up by their particularly nasty poison. Yet they don't have as much control over it as other Yarans do.
Ability score increase: Phobias increase their Charisma by 2.

Alignment. Phobias are solitary and egotistical, they have a huge tendency towards Chaos.
Killing Bite. On a successful Fang Bite, a Viperia can choose to inflict an additional 3d10 poison damage, the hurt creature must make a Constitution save or be paralyzed. In order to use this ability again, a Phobia must have a long rest.
(The damage increases to 4d10 at 5th level, 5d10 at 11th level, and +6d10 at 16th level)

At the top of the world. Phobias have a climb Speed of 30 feet.

Unlike their brethren, Colubras aren't poisonous. Instead they make up their lack of poison with sheer Strength.

Ability score increase: Colubras increase their Strength Charisma by 1.

Constrictor. Colubras count as Large creatures for Grappling. In addition they have advantage on Strength checks to initiate a grappling and always count as having a hand free for grappling. Each turn they manage to keep a grapple, the grappled creature takes 1d8 Bludgeon damage.
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Nobody knows what a Zwilian is, or even that they even exist. They all are red-eyed, black-haired, and pale-skinned with prominent canines. Their origins are shrouded in mystery. Although they look -and sometimes act- like vampires, they are basically humans.

Zwilian Traits

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1, and your Charisma by 2. Zwilians typically are extremely weak, they have instant disadvantage on all Strength checks and saves.

Age. Zwilians at first age at the same rate as normal humans. But by the time they fully mature -about 25- they stop aging entirely. Under normal circumstances they can live to be 120. A few of them have managed to live basically forever.

Alignment. They have no particular alignment tendency

Size. Zwilians are as tall as humans if a little on the lean and small size. They are Medium sized.

Speed. Zwilian's base walking speed is 30 feet.

Darkvision. Zwilians have Dark Vision up to 30 feet.

Mark of Twilight. Zwilians always are detected as evil outsiders or ghosts despite being completely alive and of their actual alignment. This is a false positive.

Fast healing. Zwilians can spend hit dice at will as a bonus action. They can also drain a hit dice off a willing creature in order to heal by bitting them and drinking their blood.

Languages. Zwilians know Common.
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Sorcerer classic
1st Level
Bonus proficiencies. All simple weapons, 1 martial weapon of choice.
Familiar. Learn the find familiar spell, it doesn't count towards spells known.

6th Level
Second Attack.

14th Level
Personal Force. You can keep a single personal range spell with concentration without using your concentration.

18th Level
Bonus Spells. Learn 3 additional spells from your spell list.