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The echo of the past
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Wed 7 Sep 2016
at 22:45
Allowed Material
For classes, archetypes and spells, any official printed WotC material is allowed. This includes:

Player's Handbook
Elemental Evil Player's Companion
Adventurer's guide to the Sword Coast.

In addition, all Unearthed Arcana's material is allowed with approval on a case by case basis. I basically say yes to anything that isn't obvious incomplete beta.

But the allowed material isn't limited to WotC. Third party -specially material from En5ider and free stuff from DMs Guild- or even outright homebrews are possible. Just ask, everybody has the right to start houserules and homebrew.
The echo of the past
 GM, 28 posts
Thu 8 Sep 2016
at 21:34
Third party allowed so far

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