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Character Creation
Character's will start at 4th level.

Alignment: Any alignment is possible, but your character must be able to work with the party and not backstab each other at every corner.

Scores: Not going to bother with rolls or point-buy. Instead chose (directly) the scores that represent you character concept the best. Think of your character's flaws, not just their strengths. (No all 18s unless your concept is physical god. Nobody can be a physical god)

HP: Maximum at first, average on every level up.

Gear: Standard gear per your Background/Class. You also get a single expensive item per character, this can be anything within reason. Even a minor magic item (anything without pluses to combat)

Feats: Feats are allowed if not actually preferred/enforced. UA feats and Third party are a Ok.

Races: Only Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Half-elves, Gnomes, Tieflings and the New races (Yarans, Kratikans and Zwilians) are allowed.

Classes: Clerics are banned. Use the version of the class given on changes to classes. Other classes -from third party and homebrew- may be allowed.

Multiclassing: Multiclassing is possible. There are no ability score limits to multiclassing, though Wizard doesn't mix with any other caster and you remain evil.

At any point by popular vote you might be asked to tone it down and change an aspect of your character build if it proves to be a drain on other player's fun. Remember, be a team player not a munchkin.

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The echo of the past
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Character Creation
Remember there are adjustments on the flavor of certain classes and subclasses. Also check the Changes to Classes thread.

Paladins gain power from their devotion to their oath, not by divine intervention.

Sorcerers are explicitly themed, their spells must match both their theme and personality.

Arcane Tricksters and Eldritch knights are considered proper members of their spellcasting classes -So they are considered wizards if they chose the Wizard spell list, or proper

Wizards are ambitious and cold blooded by necessity, so there is really no way to have a non-evil wizard.