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The echo of the past
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Wed 7 Sep 2016
at 23:33
Basic Rules (Read First)

  • No godmodding please.
  • I allow a lot of freedom in PC creation, but please don't be a munchkin, everybody has right to play in a friendly environment. If you hog the spotlight or are too good to the point nobody else gets to play, you will be asked to tone it down.
  • Treat everybody with respect.
  • The game is rated mature, but only so we can explore certain themes if needed, keep it kid friendly.
  • Don't let IC problems become OOC problems, what happens IC remains IC.
  • If you don't post at least once every third day you will be NPCed, put out of commission or used as cannon fodder depending on the circumstances, how vital you are to keep things moving and the majority vote of your fellow player.
  • If you are awaiting for somebody to post, at least post in the OOC thread telling us who you are waiting for.
  • I know life happens, if you are going to be away for long, try to give us a notice.