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The land is not that close to your standard Tolkien fantasy, but not too far either.
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The world
Currently the world is divided in three basic areas. The wilderness, the Free reigns, and the Wizardoms (These in turn are divided into independent fiefdoms and a league of kingdoms known as the principality).

The Wilderness.
The wilderness is a lawless place, where true civilization cannot really exist. Hordes of barbarians make this place their home, and they fight with monsters and demons on a daily basis.

Orcs, Half-Orcs, Humans, Yarans and Gnolls make their place in the Wilderness.

Lost in the wilderness lay the old ruins of the city of Ainsya, which used to be the capitol of the old empire, and the ruins of the lost Kratika kingdom. There is also the dying warring tribe of the Wyren, all that is left of an old militaristic kingdom. All of the Wyren are expected to hunt and fight from the time they are old enough to walk and weakness is not tolerated by them.

The free Reigns.
These places used to be counties and minor kingdoms during the times of the empire. Nowadays they struggle to survive against the hordes of barbarians and the fights with the wizardlords. More so against the organized strength of the principality.

The free Reigns are:

Rotus.- A single fortress with a few small villages laying isolated in the limits of civilization. Formerly an important fiefdom to keep the wilderness at bay, it has been forsaken by the rest of the civilized world, as it is no longer relevant on keeping the wilderness at bay.

Rahasia.- The biggest country among the free reigns. Formerly the head of a confederation of five states, Rahasia is still a prosperous nation. It is ruled by a dynasty of kings.

Dynthera.- A mountainous area, known for its beautifully crafted exports. It is ruled by the house of Kharysis, a dwarven dynasty.

Lakumia.- Nobody is sure if this place should be considered a republic or an elective monarchy. The second richestof the free reigns

The Wizardoms.

The independent wizardoms.

Bukhern.- Formerly the wizard capitol of the world, it came under the control of a powerful lich 200 years ago.

Vaicia.- Inhabited by elves, a council of magic overthrew the former ruling family an enslaved the population. Its traditional white tower now stands as cruel reminder of better times.

Loukan.- Formerly the spiritual capitol of the world. A powerful wizardess seized control of the domain by killing its former rulers, the order of our lady.

Wergveldun.- This mountainous kingdom changed hands many times through history, until a wizard seized control of it and crowned himself emperor of the Light. It is constituted by lots of mining towns, and its mines are rich sources of silver, gold, coal, iron and diamonds.

The principality
A coalition of four kingdoms, and the oldest of the wizardoms. They practice their own form of writing and basically only trade among each other. Nobody ever leaves these kingdoms and all information about them is scarce.

Xunhe. A cold kingdom on the North.
Valma.- Once two independent kingdoms, it has intense agricultural activity coupled with a strong military. Ruled by the dynasty of the Sonnei.
Licke.- A strong importer of lost art and artifacts. Licke is ruled despotically by self-claimed illustrated wizardkings.
Mirmirek.- The only kingdom that still trades regularly with all countries. Source of the finest clothes and fabrics. Traders are still tightlipped about whatever happens inside though.

All characters must come from the Free Reigns or the independent Wizardoms.

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History of the World
Age of Myth

The origins of the world are lost to time. But in the beginning there was only darkness and strife. There was no civilization and no peace. That changed when the Kratikans joined and together they founded the first city. Over time they prospered and spread their influence to other tribes, carrying the torch of civilization with them.

But eventually they felt it wasn't enough, their empire covered great parts of the land, but there was only so much they could do to help the barbarians. So they prayed to the skies as one, and their prayers got heard as the purest soul of the universe descended to the world. This spirit had come to bring reason and love to all peoples, however she demanded that the Kratikans relinquished their empire and their riches as a show of genuine goodwill, which they did, storing everything in a cave as an offering to the pure spirit -To date this mythical place is known as the great treasure of Narma Kirana-. This spirit then brought light and peace to everybody in the world. As a result she started being worshiped as the Empress of Light.

Peace came, but over time men grew proud, formed kingdoms, and eventually empires on war with each other.

The Second Coming and the Golden Age
A particularly ambitious Duke, whose name should not be named as he was a demon in the flesh, desired power over the nations and conducted a perverse ritual to unleash the darkness into the world.

Then the three holy princesses -who together represented the three legitimate ways of becoming a ruler- sacrificed their lives in a bid to stop the evil demon. Their sacrifice stopped him, but the darkness and chaos continued to spread. Only the return of the Empress of Light sealed the Darkness, and she stayed on the world this time, ruling with love a third of the world while being heard by all other rulers.

This was the beginning of the Golden Age, when there was no Darkness and no violence. The empress of Light mothered 9 wise rulers and then her youngest child took upon the light of the world she carried. This light was passed from mother to daughter over millennia, keeping the world in peace.

The Decay and the great Tribulations.

However, eventually the bearers of the light weren't as pure and strong of heart, and the seal over the darkness faded over time. Little by little the Darkness and the wilderness took over the kingdoms and caused chaos and war. Monsters began to roam the wild, and evil creatures appeared, among them the first Witch.

The Silver Age.

A brave man rose among the darkness, he defeated the demons and rallied the survivors. Together with his allies he established the Great Empire with Ainsya as its capital and strong fortresses on the borderlands. A trusted ally of his formed the Wizard Council with seat in Bukhern with the purpose of protecting the people form witches, and a holy order formed in Loukan to keep peace in the empire.

This was the beginning of the Silver age, a time where witches became common, and the fights with wild barbarians consumed the borderlands.

The rise of the Wizardlords

Five hundred years ago, the emperor Rouzlan the IX, was killed by a witch during an open audience. His heir rose to the throne in the middle of a political confusion. He arranged a seat for his lover on the Wizard Council and to protect her arranged a task force to fight witches. The members of this task force gained prominence and power fairly quickly. Under the pretense of keeping the frontiers safe they managed to get themselves crowned as rulers of five kingdoms. Then they marched over Bukhern and sacked it, killing the members of the Wizard Council. The emperor was forced to abdicate in favor of his sister and the last empress was murdered one year after that by the rogue kings.

Without an heir, confusion reigned. A few kingdoms formed a confederation to oppose the usurpers, but even that proved short-lived, as more wizardlords rose and seized control of the kingdoms and the wilderness took hold of the weakest nations.

Thus the last free reigns forbade writing and reading and aggressively hunt magic users in order not to become the next Wizardom.

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There are no clerics as they are known. Deities are basically absent from the world. They are worshiped, but no miracles occur with any regularity. Despite this the people of the world still worship many of them and have strong beliefs.

The Empress of Light
The purest soul in the world. She came twice to the world to give people civilization and peace by holding off the darkness. The emperors up until the last empress claimed to be of her descent. She is worshiped as the main deity

The three holy princesses
Amshula, Vali and Saavi. They together represent approval, blood and marriage, the three ways to be a legitimate ruler. Amshula is known as the Joyful, Vali as the Nurturer and Saavi as the Loving. They are advocated as both a group and individually.

Lord Nashaen
Titular deity of the Kratikan, he is told to be the consort of the Empress of Light, form in which he is known as the Father of Peace. He is also advocated in his role as a guard of light, Leksus the Heavenly Conqueror of Hope, patron of soldiers. Also worshiped by himself as a protector and a caretaker of the poor and defenseless.

The guards of Light
They are Leksus Heavenly Conqueror of Hope, Vixid the Passionate Healer and Grigan the Stoic. Together they were the patrons of the Golden Age Empire, and by themselves of soldiers, midwives and hopeless causes. Vixid and Grigan as a couple are also advocated as patrons of marriage and godparents as Muli and Numbien.
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People and Languages
Most people inhabiting the world belong to one of the following races:

Orcs - Orcs are uncivilized barbarians and cannot coexist with humans or other humanoids.
Yarans - Widespread in the uncivilized lands.

Some minor races still exist
Elves.- Beyond their lost kingdom, elves aren't that common.

The following races are considered humans for all purposes

Kratikas.- The first great race, now they are almost extinct
Witches.- All witches are people born with magic on some way. There is the misconception that they made deals with the darkness for power.
Zwilians.- Basically unknown.
Tieflings.- They are uncommon and considered the children of people tainted by the darkness.
Half-Orcs.- Mostly on the borderlands.

There is the Common language of the land, which is known as old Imperial, there is also New imperial, the common tongue of the Principality, Sylvan is spoken by some barbarians, Draconic is the dialect of magic and basically forgotten everywhere but the independent Wizardoms. Writing as a whole has been suppressed for generations and isn't a common skill, it takes a lot of extra effort in order to learn how to write.

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