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Castle Keeper
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Thu 15 Sep 2016
at 12:31
Marching order
Now would be a good time for the party to discuss marching order.  I suggest you come up with marching orders for 3 situations:

1. Single file for narrow (e.g., 5 foot wide) corridors.

2. Two column marching for broader (e.g., 10 foot wide) corridors.

3. Open terrain where as many PCs can walk abreast as you might like.
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Thu 15 Sep 2016
at 16:32
Marching order
In reply to Castle Keeper (msg # 1):

As a cleric, I'm decent with melee combat (AC 16 w/shield, 14 hp, +1 BtH), but more or less useless when it comes to range attacks.  I do have Wisdom as Prime with a +2 modifier, but I would imagine that either the Ranger or Assassin (maybe the Monk?) would be better at running point.

1) Single file:  Maybe best if I'm in position #4 or #5 - at least I can cast Bless if needed

2) Two abreast:  2nd Row

3) Clear area:  I'm fine for being up front near the center, allowing folks with range weapons to be on the flanks

Just some thoughts where I could be, but am very flexible.  I guess the first question is for single file, who should lead?
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Thu 15 Sep 2016
at 16:56
Marching order
Clear area to the front on scout or on a flank

single file about 3 rd if close quarters or up ahead solo on scout

if double rows in second row or well ahead on scout