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Snarg: An orc from the temple below the hunting lodge.

Gloria: Self-proclaimed queen of the woods east of Rotter.  Topless.

Knuckles: A guard at the Temple of Flyspamon in Rotter.  Friend of Elwood.

Victor "Longshadows": Hugh's mentor.

Grizzled Ear: Anthony's wizarding instructor.

Timmy Hiller: Cole's younger brother.

Gnarls: Seline's contact person for the Gambini crime syndicate.

Jake: Young potion merchant in Rotter.

Moira: Priestess at Temple of Flyspamon in Rotter.  Reputation for ruthlessness and using people, but also reportedly honorable.

Cripple Dick: Crippled proprietor of Crippled Dick's (formerly Evil Dick's), a tavern in Rotter.

Zeke: Orc from temple under the hunting lodge.  Referred to in frightened tones by Snarg.  Possibly killed by party during first foray under the hunting lodge.

The Master: Reputed BBEG in charge of the temple under the hunting lodge.

Ed: Owns a general store in Rotter.  Salt is available.

Oswald: Rumored head of a child slavery operation in Rotter

Henry: A child who you believe to be the Guild Master of the Orphans' Guild.

Sherry: A cleric at the Temple of Flyspamon in Rotter.

Werstram: Gnome archivist for Gambini crime family

Gloop Loop: A fishman scientist you met beneath the Temple of Pain.

Fred: Invisible villain in the Temple of Pain.  Dead?  Dissolved?

Del Riddle: Rumored member of the Twelve.

Teel Ento: Rumored member of the Twelve.

Lawt Sun: Rumored member of the Twelve.

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