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Chapter 4 - Into the Tomb
So, the party waits for nightfall, then heads to the Greenbridge Cemetery.  The moon is almost full, so you are able to see fairly well.  It does take a while to identify the tomb of Sir Anjus Unglin, first Lord Commander of the Knights of Kobold, since reading is difficult in the moonlight.  Your assumption that the tomb must be a large one proves fruitful and it is only a question of going to the largest buildings one by one.

Sir Unglin's tomb is an imposing structure, about 50 feet long, 30 feet wide, and easily 20 feet tall.  The stonework sports the finest craftsmanship you can recall seeing.  Towering columns flank the ten foot tall double doors at the entrance.  Each door bears the crest of the Knights of Kobold: a snarling kobold head over a crossed pair of spears.  Kobold-faced gargoyles line the edge of the rooftop going all the way around the crypt.  An oversized padlock secures the entrance.  A message is carved into the stone above the door:

Here Lies Sir Anjus Unglin
First Lord Commander of the Knights of Kobold

Bow in Awe, Dogs
And Disturb Not His Eternal Rest

Everything is quiet in the cemetery.  Perhaps too quiet?  You can't even hear the restless grinding of the gargoyles shifting above you.  Their stone eyes stare down at you lifelessly.  Any thought that they might actually be alive is surely your imagination running wild.

Who wants to touch the door or the lock?