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Setting Information
Life In Rotter

As noted in the game description, this campaign will start out in the port city of Rotter.  The Great River runs through the center of the city until it reaches the ocean with bridges stretching across and joining the two halves of the city.  Farmland and villages stretch north of the city until they meet the Grey Mountains.  Trade roads head eastward from Rotter along the coastline.  The forests north of the coastline are notorious for harboring bandits.  Heading west from the city leads to humanoid-controlled lands.

Rotter was founded 200 years ago at the end of the Unklar War.  It is somewhat isolated at the far western end of human and demihuman territory, but is quite large (well over 100,000 inhabitants).  It is an independent city state that welcomes all humans, demihumans, and humanoids.

The Grey Mountains contain many ruins of the Old Empire that have yet to be explored/plundered.

Like most major fantasy cities, the governing authorities could best be described as lawful evil in alignment terms.  This reflects a fundamental political ruthlessness and lack of compassion as opposed to any sort of evil overlord world-conquering demon-loving ambitions.

The thieves of the city are organized into crime families a la The Godfather as opposed to a single thieves' guild.

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Setting Information
Naming Conventions

The names of residents of Rotter and the game world in general tend to fall into two categories.  The first category includes names that would sound "normal" to 20th century residents of the real world (e.g., Bob, Sam, etc.).  The second category includes names that would fit in the world of the Black Company novels by Glen Cook (e.g., Ghoul-Face, Barker, One Eye, etc.).

Characters with more traditional fantasy names (e.g., Alyanna Silverbow, names with lots of apostrophes that sound like a Klingon choking, or unpronounceable strings of consonants) may be looked at as strange by the residents of the game world.

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