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OOC Character creation notes
First, here's the "Play Aids" PDF for On Mighty Thews that you can refer to for brief rules info: https://dl.dropboxusercontent....hews%20Play-Aids.pdf

So, character creation is relatively simple.

1. Attributes
There are three primary attributes (Explorer, Sorcerer, Warrior). Each of these gets a die value: d12, d8, or d4. One of those dice gets attached to each attribute, so arrange them where you think your strengths or weaknesses are.

Conan, for example, would be:
Warrior: d12
Explorer: d8
Sorcerer: d4

2. Abilities
You can have two abilities that further reflect your character. These abilities work best when named broadly in relation to a set of skills (e.g., "Sailor" or "Assassin"). One of these abilities will be assigned d10. The other will have d6.

Related: most dice rolls in the game involve one of the attributes and one ability, as appropriate, measured against a target goal (the default is 4). If either die meets or beats the 4, it's a success--and rolling even higher has the potential for more benefits ("For every two points by which your highest die beats four, you get one fact [to add to the situation/scene], or one +1 bonus to a future action.")

3. d20 Trait
Every character has one more trait: a defining character quality that describes you in essence. You'll have the opportunity, on certain occasions, to make use of this trait to roll a d20 in addition to the above attribute & ability dice. (This will happen when you find yourself acting against that trait in a high-drama situation.

4. Description/biography
Tell me a few sentences about your character! What do they look like? Where are they from? What are they like?

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Character creation notes
It may also be worthwhile to consider how your characters know each other, if at all.

You don't have to be best friends, necessarily, but each of you has managed to survive in the Hyborian world so far--that takes considerable skill, and it's likely you've run into others of similar caliber, if not working alongside them at times.

We have...

Amalric, a Nemedian and former man-at-arms for a noble lord
Tristan, an Aquilonian looking to survive by (nearly?) any means necessary
Valornor, a mixed Bossonian/Gunderland caravan guard and mercenary
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Tue 6 Sep 2016
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Character creation notes

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 Scout of the
 Bossonian Marches
Tue 6 Sep 2016
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Character creation notes
Yes, that sounds good to me.
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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Character creation notes
 Just an FYI, the Warrior had his sword out,but drew his dagger as well.He has had it out since the secret door incident. Sorry for the confusion,Herr GM.
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Character creation notes
In reply to Amalric (msg # 5):

It's all good. Chalk it up to me being sleepy when I wrote my post.
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Character creation notes

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Character creation notes

 Ohhhh, goody, are we releasing Cthulhu, or one of his buddies?