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Dungeon Master
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Thu 29 Sep 2016
at 13:21
Running Total

Platinum: 0
Gold: 142
Electrum: 0
Silver: 75
Copper: 110

Total in gold piece equivalents: 150.6

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Thu 29 Sep 2016
at 15:50
Emissaries of Peace
50' silk rope (Bran)
Grappling hook (Bran)
Crow bar (Bran)
Short sword (Bran)
Three vials of perfume (Bran)
Alm's box(Returned)
Holy symbol of Mielikki(sold 10gp)
Bottle of Light(traded)
Damaged scale mail(sold 25gp)

Coins: 5gp 20sp 23cp

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Thu 1 Dec 2016
at 04:12
The Dripping Caves

A matching pair of silver salt and pepper shakers(sold 25gp)
A bloodstained leather case containing a complete set of thieves tools(Zekia)
A holy symbol of Silvanus carved from wood and inlaid with gold(sold 25gp)
Horseshoes of speed(Bran)

Wand of Magic Detection(Bran)

Goblin/Ogre gear: 8 scimitars, 7 short bows with arrows, small size chain shirt, 2 large size great clubs and 6 large size javelins. (Townsfolk/sold 20gp)

Villager weapons: 9 spears, 5 clubs, 2 daggers and 5 shields(Townsfolk)

Pile of adventuring gear(Berrick)

Ornate rapier(River)
Scroll of polymorph (4th level)(Bran)
Ornate scroll case
Potion of healing(Nor)

Coins: 12gp 55sp 87cp

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Wed 26 Apr 2017
at 20:26
Waterdeep and beyond

Bag of Holding

Coins: 26gp 19sp 64 cp