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Custom Race: Jentans
The Jentan are a race of hot-headed cyborgs. They are a very aggressive people, in both social situations and combat. They are humans that undergo cybernetic augmentation after reaching a certain age and completing a rite of passage. Among the races that survived the nuclear apocalypse, they have done the best for themselves, as the combination of magical and mechanical enhancements have imparted a special resistance to radiation upon them.

+2 Str and Con, -2 Wis: Jentans are naturally strong and hardy, but tend to act without thinking.

Magical Enhancement: As part of the magical rituals that animate the construct limbs, Jentan bodies are made especially hardy. They gain a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against disease, mind affecting effects, poison, and effects that cause exhaustion and fatigue. Additionally, they no longer need to eat, breathe, drink, or sleep. Due to the powerful magics used in the ritual, and because something is lost when they get their limbs replaced, Jentans may not be resurrected or raised from the dead.

Mechanical Limbs: The construct limbs that all Jentans get after their rite of passage make damaging them a harder task for their enemies. Jentans have a +2 natural armor bonus.

Natural Adventurers: Jentan society places a great deal of importance on deeds. As such, most Jentans are encouraged to act, not wait for things to happen. Jentans gain +2 on all saving throws against fear and gain Improved Initiative as a bonus feat.

Human Flexibility: Before they get their enhancements, all Jentans are human, and thus are just as adaptable. Jentans gain a bonus feat at level 1.

Race of Engineers: Jentans design their limbs themselves, and as such they are all well versed in the intricacies of mechanical devices. Jentand gain a +1 on all Knowledge(Engineering) and Disable Device checks. In addition, they are proficient in any weapon which they have personally crafted.

Special: Due to the fact that technology has become a scarce and valuable resource, not many Jentans born after the disaster have their cybernetics. To play a Jentan, your character must be at least 40.