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Game World Background and notes on playing
The overall backdrop is the Greyhawk setting but familiarity with it isn't important.

While this is a 5e game any old school monsters might show up, as well as some home brew content.

I borrow content for my games and players might recognize locations or people from old modules. Assumptions based on published content can be dangerous.

I use Anna B Meyer's maps of Oerth now but have been filling out details of the world since I picked up my 1st copy of the box set in 1983.

Our adventures will start in southern Keoland. Good terrain types for locals to be familiar with include seacoast, marshes, forest. Swamp dwellers like lizard men and bullywugs as well as sea-dwellers such as sahuagin, koalinth, locathah might make interesting favored enemies.

Local inhabitant NPCs are unlikely to respond well to monstrous races like Dragonborn, Teifling, Drow, or Half-Orcs but they won't attack outright. If accompanied by a more familiar race they might even have a chance to prove themselves.

The locals don't have much use for organized religion, tending to worship the old gods. Druids and hedge-wizards tend to be thought of as useful but sometimes are more trouble than they are worth.

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Game World Background and notes on playing
Use the point buy method to generate your character's ability scores. You get 27 points. Nothing above 15 or less than 8 before applying racial modifiers.

Characters start at 1st level. We'll be using episodic level advancement.