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Sun 11 Sep 2016
at 16:21
(RTJ) Birth or something like it (RTJ)
Name of god:(required) (self explanatory)

Entrance post:(required) (Have you read the game info? If you haven't, go read. Now here I want you to write a reply to me (In-Character), a description of you being born as a god, of you entering the "Chamber of the Void", before you can ACT you will have to meet your siblings here and I will use what you would post here as your entrance post to the Chamber. Appearance, behaviour, greeting phrases, hatred toward ao you've already accumulated waiting to be released all go here.)

Sample act:(required) (Write a sample act here so I know you have read the rules and understand how this game works. In addition, if your act would be creative and unique enough to spark my interest this act might come into play before first aeon even begins. Way to gain early advantage! Keep in mind though that the void is currently empty.)

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