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Tue 13 Sep 2016
at 19:46
Send me a brief background of your character - who s/he is, where and when s/he learned his/her primary skills, and why s/he came to the Pacific. I would expect a paragraph or so, a couple of hundred words, and I’m looking for characters who will make up a good team. Moody lone wolf heroes are good for movies and awful for RPGs...

Send me a story hook for an adventure you’d like to see. I will not guarantee to use them all, but you definitely won’t see what you don’t send in...

For the uninitiated, a story hook is the sort of thing you see on the back cover of a novel - “When John Smith picks up a faint radio signal one night, it launches him into a life or death mission to...”
It should also be a paragraph or so in length, give sufficient detail to suggest a story, but leave the exact nature of the adventure and its resolution to the GM.

Remember, even if you’re lucky enough for your hook to be used, the GM will interpret the hook differently from you. The story the GM applies to it is the ‘correct’ one.

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