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Setting and Metaplot
Following their discovery in the 1500s, the Mariana Islands were claimed by Spain and were named after the then Spanish Queen Mariana. They remained in Spanish hands until the nation was impoverished by the Spanish-American War in the 1890s, when they were sold to Germany to raise capital. This exchange was less than forty years before the game opens, so there are many inhabitants of Spanish extraction, and a good many of the older residents can recall the days of Spanish rule.

From the late 1800s, the Mariana Islands were a German Imperial Colony, but early in the First World War the German Pacific colonies were captured and divided up between the Allies. Japan (an ally in the Great War) was given the Marianas.

In the 1920s, Japanís relations with the West became strained, and Fascist factions in their government had them invading Manchuria, Mongolia and China. The most right-wing factions wanted to set up a new shogunate, with the party-leader becoming head of state and relegating the Emperor to a figure-head.

In the 1930s, Hitlerís Reichskolonialbund was seeking to regain German overseas colonies, and Germany and Japan began to see each other as potential allies in the far east and Pacific.

By 1937, the setting for this game, the Marianas are home to spies from Germany, Japan, France, Britain and America. The Pacific is a cooking pot coming to the boil.

In the midst of this turmoil, Daniel ĎRedí Pepper, a middle-aged WWI fighter ace, has set up a bar on Rota, one of the tropical islands, a bar that is the haunt of adventurers from every nation...

The bar is imaginatively called The West Harbour Island Bar, or, more usually, simply West Harbour.

Many rip-roaring adventures seem to start and end at West Harbour. Some of those adventures are told here...

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