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Tue 13 Sep 2016
at 20:47
Welcome to the Tales of the Gold Monkey. The title refers to an eighties TV series of the same name. This game is a ‘lookalike’ of that series. No Gold Monkey will feature in the game, it’s just in the title to attract players...

If you have any ideas as we go about future game action, more story hooks, perhaps, drop me a PM.

A note about ‘pace’.
In my experience the pace of a game is 20% GM and 80% players. The GM can only do so much to move a scene on. If the players don’t respond to the scene the GM has described, the game stalls.

Sure, the GM can cut into the scene, puppet characters, fast forward, etc, but if that continues for long, you reach the ‘end credits’ without having experienced any story...

Respond to the posts, mine and your fellow players, and the story will generate its own momentum. :)
And don’t wait for someone else to take the first step - you’re supposed to be action heroes!

I’m expecting everyone will aim to post once per day.

Enjoy! :)

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