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Mon 24 Oct 2016
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Posting Tips/Guidelines (not actual requirements)
So, just some posting guidelines, but nothing draconian and as long as we have a good time who cares.  However, to make things a little easier to read and separate In-Character (IC) versus Out-of-Character (OOC) I like to use the RPOL code.

Just a suggestion, but I like using colors for speech, makes it pop and gives it a characteristic, choose your own color if you would like.

Arabe' said with a big smile, "Humpty dumpty, the hairiest Wookie of them all, sat on a wall..."

For Out-Of-Character comments, questions, chatter, and especially rolls that should be embedded in a post usually at the bottom (combat in particular) use the tags <small> and <orange>.

Blah, Blah, Post Here...

OOC: Can I shoot around the corner?  Haha, your feet smell...through the internet...

07:53, Today: GM, on behalf of Arabe', rolled 4 using 1d20.  Blast Stormtrooper 1.
Ah, a miss!

Obviously the rolls are copied straight from the dice roller page.  Eazy peazy...right?

You can copy and paste the code below to help you:

<small><orange>OOC: Text Here</orange></small>

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Tue 8 Aug 2017
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An excellent resource for Star Wars information and references that you are encouraged to use in-game.
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Sat 29 Dec 2018
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SWRPG SAGA edition Wikia
Another excellent resource, but a wiki for the Staw Wars Roleplaying Game SAGA edition. Most of what's in the wiki is fair game for here, just ask if you would like to incorporate something.

Star Wars SAGA Edition Wikia:
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Mon 1 Jul 2019
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RPOL Optional Feature: Language Groups - Speaking in Tongues
To make it a little more "realistic" -- if you're using a language other than Galactic Common (i.e., English), then you can use the 'Insert a private line' feature and choose a 'language group'.  Others with the language should be assigned to that group and see the true text. Others will see a garbled message.

[Language unknown:  O art men thali misi maoun menul noicie cehi ilan, paeau lo asatne ansala whisonoul oul Libeas ditaekhi ersi nd enwit ncemo oul.]

[Language unknown:  Litipr oloul ioieileian Heurta? Ur nohaos ro derererat eino'ofwh. ]

There are about 15 language groups currently. If you're PC has a language, and you do not see it in the list when selecting a private language group, please let me (the GM) know, and I will either create the language group or add you to it.