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Sat 1 Oct 2016
at 18:42
This is a thread for Out of Character discussions and comments.

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Fri 7 Oct 2016
at 18:51
So far we have three players, and I'm hoping to get a fourth tonight.  That is a sufficient number to start the game.  So, once I have approved your character sheet, feel free to go to the IC thread and respond to my initial post.  Once I've received the responses from all players, I will post the next (significantly longer) post.

Also, please read the entire rules thread.  Some of it is review, but it does contain additional and corrected information.

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Sat 8 Oct 2016
at 19:22
While I was waiting, I thought I'd go ahead and the reactions of a few of the NPCs.
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Mon 17 Oct 2016
at 05:01
I'll wait until Steve gets feeling better and has a chance to post before continuing.
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Fri 21 Oct 2016
at 04:07
Steve, does your character normally go by Max or Maxwell?
 GM, 20 posts
Sun 23 Oct 2016
at 22:31
If you think that your character might have some type of knowledge about the staircases, please make a roll for me.  The most logical roll would be academics.  But, if you can think of another skill that might fit (such as Contacts if a friend might have mentioned it to you), go ahead and give me your justification for it.

There is not specific target number this time.  Rather, the higher your result, the more information you'll get.  In your post, give me an idea of where you think your character might have obtained the knowledge.  It may influence the form the information comes in.
 GM, 21 posts
Tue 25 Oct 2016
at 17:10
Steve, please provide me with the results of your roll.  The link to the dice roller is at the top of the page.  Or would you rather I roll on your behalf?

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Wed 26 Oct 2016
at 06:53
I just discovered something very helpful.  While the dice roller doesn't have an option for the Fate system, the Fudge system has the same basic rules.  So we can have it calculate the roll portion for you and make everything simpler.

Here is an example that I just rolled:

01:48, Today: Storyteller rolled 1 using 4 Fudge dice with rolls of -1, 0, 1, 1.  Example Roll.

(So in this case I'd be adding 1 to my level in the relevant skill)

To have the dice roller do this for you do the following:

In the Game System / Special Dice drop down box select Fudge.
A four should automatically appear in the number of dice box above it.  If not, put a four there.
Make sure the record each dice box is checked.
And you should be good to go.

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Giuliana Cromwell
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Wed 9 Nov 2016
at 18:23
In reply to Storyteller (msg # 8):

I think its ok to go ahead and move forward with the game, Michelle.
 GM, 31 posts
Sun 13 Nov 2016
at 20:40
Agreed.  Sorry, I should have posted sooner.  That said, I'll hold off on the next big event for just a tiny bit longer (so that Steve can decide if Maxwell will mention what I've told him privately now or wait until a bit later after more oddities have happened and the group is more likely to believe Sophia's description).

So, I decided to toss in something that happened to me in real life.  Giuliana, you might want to duck.  =)
 GM, 34 posts
Sun 20 Nov 2016
at 21:05
My next major post will go up tomorrow night.  So if you want to have Max post a response to Guiliana's comments or any reaction to the hawk try to do so tonight or tomorrow.
 GM, 40 posts
Tue 6 Dec 2016
at 06:26
Maxwell Silverbear:
19:13, Today: Maxwell Silverbear rolled -1 using 4 Fudge dice.  shoot monster
+2 shoot skill
+2 fate point?
+? descriptive

+3 or +5 with descriptive bonus

That will count as a +5, which means you've hurt the creature and not Justin regardless of whether or not Guiliana succeeds in calling Justin off.  I'll hold off on posting anything IC until after the others have had time to post though.
 GM, 47 posts
Mon 19 Dec 2016
at 16:49
While I may get a chance or two to post while I'm at my Mom's, it is probably best to assume the game is on hiatus until I get back.