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OOC: Chapter 2 - Finding Guri
This is the OOC thread for this leg of our story after leaving Core (Corellia) for the first time.
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OOC: Chapter 2 - Finding Guri
NAME : Long Cannon (BFG-9300)
ATT  : +0
DMG  : Varies
CRIT : Varies
RNG  : 150 m/ -4 to hit per 50m beyond that (rounded up).
WGHT : 10 lbs
TYPE : Varies
SIZE : Large
RNDs : 1 shell
COST : ????

The Long Cannon is a mag-lev launcher for shells crafted specifically for the gun.  Most of the shells are AoE and so are easier to hit targets within the area of effect, but that AoE is determined by the shell, not the gun.

The three knobs are as follows:

One dial used to adjust power of the mag-lev feed (30-150m).
One button to draw the round into the gun and arm the charge before launch.
One button to collapse the gun down when not loaded into a compact form 1/3 it's original length.

NAME : Disintegration Round (BFG-9300 Round)
ATT  : +4
DMG  : 10d10
CRIT : 20/x4
RNG  : 150 ft/ -4 to hit per 50ft beyond that (rounded up).
AREA : 3m radius
WGHT : .5 lbs
TYPE : Disintegration
RNDs : 8
COST : ????
SAVE : Reflex (None)

The disintegration round catches everything within a 3m radius sphere.  A Reflex save means a character was able to leave the blast radius before the shell hit and they take no damage.  There is no explosion so either a target takes full damage or none.

For objects without energy resistance or shielding, they are simply reduced to dust in a perfect sphere with radius from wherever the shell first hits.  If there is a barrier that is hit along the way, that barrier will take the hit instead and the shell will not reach its destination.


The three cylinders seem to be missing a component or so.  It is impossible to determine what they do, but they will fit into the BFG-9300 ammo slot.


NAME : Anti-Ship Rifle (ARM-D10X)
ATT  : 0* (see text)
DMG  : 20d10* (see text)
CRIT : 19-20/x4
RNG  : 400 m/ -4 to hit per 100m beyond that (rounded up).
WGHT : 8 lbs
TYPE : Energy
SIZE : Medium
RNDs : ????
COST : ????

The ARM-D10X is an anti-ship rifle.  It is not great at hitting single targets of human size.  For Large size creatures it has a -2 to hit.  Every size category below that takes an additional -2 to hit on top of any other regular considerations.

For every 100m the rifle shot travels, it looks like the energy will dissipate if fired in the atmosphere.  For every 100m fired in atmosphere, the damage is 1d10 less.  In space there is no noticeable dissipation until 2000m, then the same dropoff rate applies.

It has a touch activated screen that fires right up when touched.  The standby mode on this thing is unbelievable with no loss of energy over 1000 years of time.  It's power reading is something on the order of 40 Gigajoules.

It is unclear how the thing charges or how many rounds are consumed without trial and error.


NAME : Vibrosword (VSL-BST)
ATT  : +1
DMG  : 1d10
CRIT : 17-20/x2
RNG  : Melee
WGHT : 10 lbs
TYPE : Slicing
SIZE : Medium
COST : ????

The vibrosword is generally wielded with two hands, although some beings are strong enough to wield them with one and carry two of them.

Like all vibro-weapons, it is dangerous to use vibroswords against electrical weapons, as they conducted electricity, therefore, electrocuting the user of the sword. Though electrocution was not the primary concern, electricity traveling up the length of the blade could connect with the weapon's energy cell and ultrasonic vibration generator. The result would be a miniature explosion with enough force to take off the user's hand.

This particular sword uses a metal that is unfamiliar on Corellia in a weaving technique that allows the sword to withstand hard impacts well.

The three objects that fit the sword are power-cells, each with 8 hours of operational use.


NAME : Thermal Detonators
ATT  : +3
DMG  : 10d10
CRIT : 20/x5
RNG  : 30m/-2 Attack for every +30m
AREA : 6m
WGHT : .2 lbs
TYPE : Explosive
SIZE : Tiny
SAVE : Reflex (half)
COST : ????

The thermal detonator was designed to be thrown, planted in a specific location or on a specific vessel, or dropped by a vehicle. It would then adhere to any metallic object until it detonated. The reasons for using a thermal detonator varied widely, and despite the legal restrictions of many governments, the thermal detonator saw widespread use across the galaxy.

The name was descriptive of the process by which the device explodes. Inside the shell, which was generally made of thermite or axidite, was a sample of baradium, a highly volatile substance. A trigger emitted a short burst of energy that forced the baradium into a state of fusion reaction. This trigger could simply be a button. Some had a fail-deadly trigger, meaning that if it was released, it would set off the grenade. Once activated, the user could reset the grenade to its safe position, thus disarming it before it detonated.

The result of the explosion was an expanding particle field that could atomize any material that did not conduct heat or thermal energy within the fixed blast radius; typically five to six meters, though some had an even greater radius. Custom grenades could have a blast up to 100 meters. Unlike other grenades, a thermal detonator's blast would only go as far as its blast radius. After that, the blast field would collapse, and anything even slightly beyond the blast radius would be left unharmed.

Most thermal detonators have fixed field yields and radii, along with timers. Some feature adjustable timers, with settings typically ranging from 6 to 18 seconds.

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