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Millennium:  A Broken History
Centuries have passed since the fall of civilization.  A forever war between two ancient forces lead to ruin. Myths and legends say that once, long ago, mankind traveled among the stars and had relations with fantastic beings, but no evidence beyond a few scant books or static-filled data recordings exists.  These are nothing more than stories, entertainment for those scant few who have the time to dream.  For the rest, life is toil at the hands of the magistrates.

The Star God, Vexember, is the only known being capable of traveling among the stars.  He is a harsh being who does not allow much in the way of technological advancement, at least not without his approval.  Nothing is able to move above a hover and any attempts at real flight, not to mention exo-atmospheric travel, is summarily destroyed by a rain of light from Vexember's throne in the void above.

Life on Core is hard.  Mostly rural in its past, the few cities that once sprawled across vast stretches of land on the three continents have receded to their centers near sources of water or safety.  A few 'old frontier' shanty towns have sprung up around many ruins where items of interest have been found.  These town often sell nick-knacks to the cities, but run the risk of Vexember's wrath if what they find is too powerful, too advanced.  Towns have been razed into oblivion from time to time by the rain of light, their charred remains the only testament to what has happened.

There are other worlds, at least around Core's local star, all of them at the same distance from the local star, two orbiting each other as moons of one another.  Beyond that, not much is known of things above the atmosphere.  Vexemeber's throne is not visible, and the rains do not come from Core's moon.

Transportation technology consists of two-legged mounts called clydie, mostly combustion-based ground vehicles, and a network of magnetically levitated trains that connect the major cities on each continent.  Travel across the oceans requires days on transport vessels or weeks on the slower pleasure cruises.  Weapons are mostly slug throwers, which are messy, but cheap and easy to make.  Occasionally a ruin will unearth an energy weapon that still works, but the capacity to make them or even repair and re-energize them has been lost.  Those who have them use them sparingly, miserly over the little energy they have left.

The best technology is in entertainment and communication across the planet.  Two and three dimensional videos play in every room of every home in the city as well as on multiple buildings within the interior of the cities proper.  It is no cost to send a quick video message across the planet, or small files.  Larger ones can be sent for low cost.  The government is too weak or to lackadaisical to monitor anything as far as anyone can tell.

There is only one government and it is mostly laissez faire in attitude, largely out of fear of Vexember.  The people of Core are independent, stubborn, and legend says just a little extraordinary when it comes to chance.  Their government settles disputes, is largely reactionary rather than proactive, and does little to monitor anything outside the major cities.  Shanty towns therefore have their own local laws and law enforcement.

The capital city of Core is called Core Net or simply Net.

Little has changed in centuries and the rugged life and fear of Vexember have caused much of the past to be lost.  Fear is always in the background, a feeling of numbness that persists like a toothache, not knowing if the Star God will rain light down upon one's head at any moment.

But something is about to happen that will change everything...

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Millennium:  Calendar of Core
It is the year 999 SG (calculated from the beginning of the Star Gods' reign).  The story begins in month of Blood Leaves, the 10th out of 13 months.  On the 16th day.

Core time increments:
second - basic unit
minute - 60 seconds
hour - 60 minutes
day - 26 hours
week - 10 days
month - 3 weeks
year - 13 months or 390.5 days (there is a leap year every other year with the last day of the last month being an extra day).