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Sat 29 Oct 2016
at 21:45
Abenaki National Reserve.
Whispering Grove's National Reserve And stomping ground of The local Werewolf Pack.
Nathaniel Mathers
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Sat 29 Oct 2016
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Abenaki National Reserve.
Nathaniel woke up with the sun, it was only nature. Offering his silent prayers to the spirits of the sun, the air, and the forest he dressed. A simple breakfast of rare steak, three eggs, and a glass of orange juice. He looked out the window as he ate and ran through the itinerary in his mind. He would need to go do his usual patrols and there was a children's group coming Burlington to see the reserve. He also needed to see if he could track down Cassandra. She still needed to learn the basic rites of the religion if she was to replace him as Shaman.

So much to do.

Rising from his seat he went to his bedroom and finally put on even a shred of clothing. It wasn't that he preferred being naked it was simply that his false flesh did not have a coat to cover itself with naturally and he was still uncomfortable with the idea of wearing the pelt of other animals, in fact all of his clothing was most synthetic. His uniform was well maintained despite the years and he affixed his badge over his left pectoral before heading out into the morning sun.

Entering his jeep the mailman waved to him.

"Good morning Ranger Mathers. Up early again I see."

Nathaniel smiled as he backed the care out of the driveway.

"Can't seem to beat you though."

The exchanged pleasant nods and went about their business as they always did.
Lucy Weller
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Sat 29 Oct 2016
at 22:22
Abenaki National Reserve.
Lucy begrudgingly woke from her dreams, the beeping from her alarm making it impossible to rest. half walking, half crawling around her room she quickly found clothes. Dressed for a run, She heads out the door with a bagel in her mouth. Taking a deep whiff of the crisp morning air, she smiled. Time to run.

Giving the stray dog that wandered her neighborhood a quick scratch, she whispered him a good morning and took off to the woods. Putting in her earbuds, she picked some musing and softly sang along. On her way, a large cluster of rocks brings a smile to her face. Taking a deep breath, she lept up the rock almost inhumanly fast.

"Boo yah..." She softly says, looking down from her perch.
Cassandra Webb
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Sun 30 Oct 2016
at 02:35
Abenaki National Reserve.
With a yawn, Cassandra wakes up. She stretches, then exists the small fissure in which she spent the night. Looking around, she sniffs in the air, and, not noticing anything that demands her attention, she trots to the stream where she drinks a bit.

Her thirst quenched, she proceeds to trot around, her nose on the ground, enjoying the scents of dawn. Then, she stops, tail raised. A rabbit just went through here. She follows the trail quietly, until she finds her pray, eating in a field, carefully monitoring the woods in case a predator, like her, comes out of them.

It doesn't take long for it to notice the wolf running at it, and to run, as fast as it can. But... Not fast enough.

Happy with herself, Cassandra grabs her prey in her jaws and walks away, towards a big rock that overhangs a small lake. She eats there, then cleans herself a bit. After a few seconds, she looks at the sun. She still has an hour before she has to return, otherwise she'll be late at school. Enough for a nap in the morning sun.
Jason Blevins
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Mon 7 Nov 2016
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Abenaki National Reserve.
In reply to Cassandra Webb (msg # 4):

Jason wakes up sore in his little tent. He has yet to get used to the hard ground, but it still feels natural to him. He crawls out and starts a little camp fire to fix breakfast and coffee.

After a light meal, he is careful to make sure the fire is completely out and tries to hide it as best as possible. Jason is still not sure of the rules for camping in the Reserve, but tries to be as inconspicuous as possible. He packs up all his gear and heads toward the parking lot about a mile down.

Jason is nervous about starting school. He starts going through all the possible scenarios in his mind about how to be around that many people. As the scenarios get worse in his mind, his anger rises. He stops and scolds himself.

"God, I got can't loose my temper, especially there!"

He finally makes it to the parking lot and his little pickup and throws his pack in the back. He sits in the front and goes through a small meditation routine that he read about somewhere.

"Well, here goes nothin'"
Vivian Todd
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Tue 15 Nov 2016
at 23:56
Abenaki National Reserve.
As she did every morning, Viv knelt on her bed and cracked open the window, allowing a stream of dewy air to cool the cabin.  It was a new day.

Viv was out the door within twenty minutes.  And that's essential, as the darkness of early morning permits the best "werewolfing" time.  When possible, she prefers to sprint around the woods a while before work.

She questioned this morning whether someone would be around, but shrugged and mentally repeated her adopted mantra, I'll be careful, before letting it loose.
Nathaniel Mathers
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Fri 18 Nov 2016
at 02:48
Abenaki National Reserve.
Nathaniel reached the reserve in a few minutes, he liked to live close by in case of an emergency. A silent nod between himself and his deputies was all that was needed to get the day started. There was a group of middle schoolers coming to the reserve in the afternoon so the deputies were preparing for that. In the meantime he would be making his rounds to meet with his pack and update them on the going on's within the park that day.

Moving into the tree line he let his wolf senses take over and caught the scent of one of his packmate. Vivian, most likely out for her morning exercise. Shifting to the north he caught the scent of Cassandra, probably sunbathing in the morning light. Lucy's scent came from on high. Rock's maybe? To the east then.

He decided that it would be best to greet Vivian first since she was closest. Moving through the paths he eventually reached her.

"Mornin' Vivian."
Vivian Todd
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Fri 18 Nov 2016
at 03:15
Abenaki National Reserve.
The sound of her name yanked Viv out of her reverie, and momentarily panicked before realizing it was only Nathaniel.  She laughed in spite of herself and came over to him.  "Morning, Natty," she responded.  Viv never really asked if she could call him that, but he'd not yet said no, so the nickname remained.

It was no secret that Viv found her fearless leader attractive, but it was also no secret that she felt that way about most men.

"Reserve busy today?"  She checked her watch, noting there was still plenty of time before work.  "Oh, and I think I heard Lucy that way."  Viv pointed eastward and shouted, "Hey, Lucy!"

She thought she sensed something or perhaps someone else earlier, but it was likely only a dream.
Nathaniel Mathers
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Fri 18 Nov 2016
at 03:18
Abenaki National Reserve.
Nathaniel gave Vivian a lazy smile. It was always good to see his packmates healthy and about.

"Yeah we have a group of middle schoolers taking a tour for their state history class. If you stay off the beginner trails you shouldn't run into any of them."

Nathaniel looked off into the direction that Vivian had called. Hopefully Lucy would respond but only time would tell.

"So what are you getting into today?"
Lucy Weller
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Fri 18 Nov 2016
at 14:41
Abenaki National Reserve.
Lucy looked up suddenly, hearing Viv's call. Yawning slightly, she jumps down from her perch on the rocks.

"Coming!" She loudly replies, quickly. heading to the source of her summons.
Vivian Todd
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Sat 19 Nov 2016
at 03:30
Abenaki National Reserve.
"Ah, cool.  I should be in town while they're here anyway.  I'll be at the shop."  Viv was referring to the jewelry shop, which she adored, as evidenced by her gaudy outfits.  Even now, as she was just finishing sprinting through the think terrain at superhuman speeds, Viv donned close to a dozen earrings, her nose ring, and two or three diamonds on her fingers.  All of them silver-free, naturally.  "Have you heard from Cassandra this morning?  I was-- And there's Lucy," she said as the response reached their ears.

Viv greeted Lucy with a hug when she came by.  "Good morning, Sunshine," she winked, teasing her friend's opposite sleep habits.  "What's new?  Oh, and Nathaniel's just warned me about some school group coming in today, in case you'll be around."