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Character Creation
1.  Relook the House Rules-Have Halfling, Dwarf and Elf class variants.

2.  Roll 4d6 for your ability scores, drop the lowest score.  When you roll annotate which ability you are rolling for or I will consider it default as Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution and Charisma.

  2a.  You can raise what will be your prime requisite by 1 point by subtracting two points that you take down another ability score.  If your desired class has two prime requisites, both can be raised.

  2b.  Constitution and Charisma points cannot be exchanged.

  2c.  Dexterity can't be lowered (but may be raised for a thief of Halfling character)

  2d.  No score can be lowered below 9.

  2e.  Hopeless characters.  If you feel you character is hopeless, PM me and we can talk.

3.  After this choose your class. All characters start at LVL 1 with 0 XP.

4.  Pick your alignment

5.  HIT POINTS:  All characters receive maximum hit points at 1st level.  Hit dice are rolled normally after that.  Be sure to apply any modifier for your Constitution bonus.  After 1st level characters will roll, if you get below your class's 1/2 way round up to the 1/2 way.  EXAMPLE:  A fighter rolls a 2 for HP, the character would round up to 5 HP.  This is done before you add your Constitution bonus.

6.  Roll 3d6x10 for starting gold.  Purchase your stating Equipment.

7.  Add your Other Character Abilities per The Rules Cyclopedia and House Rules.

8.  Choose a Character sheet that you like. (No links to another site.)  If you don't have one PM me and I will help.

9.  In your Biography Line 1 belongs to you to describe yourself, line 2 add your AC and MAX HP and a M for the Mulligan rolls.  (See example to the right)

10. Once you are done with your character stop by the Hall of Heroes and put 1-2 paragraphs of common knowledge that others would know about you.  Ensure to keep this updated as the game advances.

11. Send me a PM that you are done so I can do a once over.

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