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Fri 7 Oct 2016
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Request to Join
Is this game for you?

1.  This game is set in the original DnD world of Mystara using the BECMI and Rule Cyclopedia.  Mystara was and remains my favorite DnD setting.

2.  Do you want to relive or experience the nostalgia of the original game where the dice rolls truly determined your fate and living to second level was not a sure thing. Traps are lethal, monsters are lethal and many of us went through multiple characters because they can actually die.  Do you want to re-explore the Grand Dutchy of Karameikos, vist iconic places such as the 'Keep on the Borderlands', 'The Isle of Dread' then this is the game for you.

3.  If you like to min/max your characters and you can't handle a character that may have 2-3 ability's scores in the 5-9 point range this is definitely not the game for you.

4.  I run the game Rules Light, if you like to recite verse and quote from rules then this is probably not the game for you.

5.  House Rules are designed to speed up game play on RPOL and add a bit of flavor to the game.

6.  Intent is about 3 posts a week.  Intent is to have fun.

If you are still interested in playing:

Send me a PM with the following information
1.  That you own or have access to at least the Basic and Expert books or the Rules Cyclopedia.

2.  What experience do you have with the ODnD rules?

3.  What was you favorite B or X module, and why?

4.  Don't send a class description or concept.  The Dice rolls that are generated during character creation will heavily influence your class selection.

5.  I'm thinking of letting in around 8 players right now and then working down to 6 as RL impacts the game.

6.  Again the posting rate will be about 3 times a week.  I would call it a moderate posting rate.  Intent is to have fun and not become a burden.

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Sat 8 Oct 2016
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Request to Join
Here is the current party of intrepid adventures.

Sandor                      Fighter
Arandil                     Elf
Adrille                     Cleric
Viktor Pax                  Mystic
Chambers                    Cleric
Gifford                     Fighter
Finn                        Thief
Winton                      Magic User

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