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Fri 7 Oct 2016
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Hall of Hero's
Here be the list of mighty adventures, some who have passed beyond this realm others that are making a name for themselves:

NAME                        CLASS                          LOCATION
Adrialle                     Cleric (LVL 3)                Goblin Caves
Sandor                      Traladar Fighter (LVL 3)       Goblin Caves
Arandil                     Elf (LVL 2)                    Goblin Caves
Viktor Pax                  Thyatatin Mystic (LVL 2)       Goblin Caves
Chambers                    Traladar Fighter(LVL 1)        Goblin Caves
Gifford                     Traladar Cleric (LVL 1)        Goblin Caves
Finn                        Thief (LVL 1)                  Goblin Caves
Winton                      Magic User (LVL 1)             Goblin Caves

Former Members of the Party
Orlan                       Cleric         Killed by a Goblin arrow on Klarmont 3 AC 996.
Markus the Unlucky          Thief          Killed by a Goblin spear on Kalrmont 3 AC 996
Bunyin Brambledown          Hin(Halfling)  Retired
Knife                       Thief          Missing
Mori Evekrey                Dwarf          Missing
Zarathas                    Magic-User     Missing
Torvek                      Dwarf          Missing
Darvin Marstock             Cleric         Missing

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Fri 7 Oct 2016
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Villans and NPCs
Here be a list of nasty villains notable NPCs that the party has met:

NAME                  POSITION            LOCATION        STANDING
Viktor  Stanovich     CPT of Militia      Threshold       Positive
Myrik                 Inn Keeper          Threshold       Positive

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Wed 12 Oct 2016
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Villans and NPCs
Arandil hails from a clan of Vyalian elves living in the forests east of Threshold.  Poetry and storytelling are highly valued in his clan, and once every few decades, when the Immortals have sent their signs, one of the younger clan members is sent out in the world to gather new stories.  Those who have gone out in the past usually end up participating in a few of these stories while they are there, although technically their role is only to observe.

Several months ago, Arandil was selected as the next member of his clan to fulfill this sacred task, and since that time he has been living among the humans in Threshold, looking for opportunities to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors.  In the meantime, he has made a bit of a reputation as an entertainer.  His repertoire skews heavily toward heroic epics or poems describing various noble virtues (often held by some unnamed love interest), but with enough mead or wine he's been known to slip into rather more crude territory.
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Wed 12 Oct 2016
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Villans and NPCs
Nothing is known about Knife. Not even Knife himself knows anything about himself. Sure, he will constantly make references to those he knew in the past, but listen long enough and you'll find out those references change, he will not even remember having said anything. In other words, Knife's mind is a jumble mix of chaos.

Though at (most) times, he can be vulgar, rude, smelly, and all out strange, Knife seems also loyal to those he calls friends. So while in public, he complains of aches and pains, moves clumsily, shows signs of being a complete loss as a human, Knife can move quite stealthily, move fast and knows acrobatics, and fights valiantly with his whip and knives all for the sake of his friends.
Mori Evekrey
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Wed 12 Oct 2016
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Villans and NPCs
Mori Evekrey is a tremendously strong dwarf from Rockhome. She's friendly and outgoing, and finds the stereotypical depiction of her species tedious, working hard to convince people that dwarves aren't all surly alcoholics. She drinks in moderation, thinks elves are just fine, and doesn't really care for ancient traditions or precious metals.

And she, absolutely, does not have a beard or Scottish accent.

Physically she's simply a powerhouse, perhaps the strongest dwarf most people will ever meet. She might not be the brightest bump on the log, but that doesn't matter. She's got smart friends. They handle the thinking, she can handle the smashing. She's just... a little slow.
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Sun 4 Mar 2018
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Villans and NPCs
Gifford was born to a middle-class trader family in Kelvin. His father is a skilled Traladan carpenter and his mother comes from Thyatian merchant family. Since his father's business is in Gifford's older brother's secure hands in the future, he left to find purpose for his life. He stumbled upon the Cult of Halav and was quickly converted to the cult's doctrine. Soon after that he was sent north to spread the faith and has recently arrived to Threshold.

While he is kind and warm person, he is not very smart. Being illiterate doesn't exactly help, but he is motivated by desire (and sometimes anger) to prove himself both to the cult and to his own family.

Physically he has a compact 5'10" build and tanned skin. His shoulder length wavy hair is light brown and his eyes, set narrowly within their sockets, are blue.

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Sun 4 Mar 2018
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Villans and NPCs
Chambers spent his shearing engaging in all kinds of sin and vice, living a life of mindless hedonism sprinkled with petty crime, wanton violence, and the worst excesses. Worst of all, he was a thug and a bully, acting as an enforcer for anyone who could pay him.

In his late twenties he saw the light, gave up his brutish ways, and decided to try to be a better person for the good of the Traladaran people.

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Thu 8 Mar 2018
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Villans and NPCs
The man known to you only as "Finn" stands 5'11" tall and weighs a lanky 175 lbs. His wavy black hair, mustache, and goatee beard are accentuated by his striking blue-grey eyes.

He wears earthen-toned leather armor, and besides his backpack, he appears to carry a longbow and a sword.

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