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Other nations in Mystara
At the start of the game here is what is common knowledge about the other realms in Mystara.  The OOC comments are thier to help give the flavor and vision of the region if you are not familiar with the setting

Kingdom of Alfheim:  Comprised entirely of the great forest of Canolbarth, Alfheim is the resettled homeland of the Sylvan elves.  Steeped in mystery, the elves keep to themselves with the exception of a single trading city.
Language: Elven
OOC:  Think Lorien from Tolkien's works.

Empire of Alphatia:  Located on the continent of the same name, Alphatia is a powerful magocracy where wizards control all aspects of government and those without the art are second class citizens.
Language: Alphatian, Nithian
OOC:  Power hungary and aggeressive, Think Red Wizards of Thay.  Constantly at War with the Empire of Thayatis.

Atruaghin Clans:  Isolated from the rest of the Known World, the five tribes of Atruaghin are content to be left alone to their hunts.  A deeply spiritual people, the clans revere the Immortals more than any.
Language: Atruaghin
OOC:  Think American Plains Indians

Republic of Darokin:  One of the two major trading powers of Mystara, Darokin is a functional plutocracy populated by an extremely hard working people.  While possessing a mighty army, Darokin prefers diplomacy.
Language: Darokin

Ethengar Khanates:  A warlike people now reunited under a Golden Khan, the Ethengar people are skilled horsemen, and consummate warriors.  When united they present a terrifying foe.
Language: Ethengar
OOC:  Mongools and Ghengis Khan.

Five Shires:  The homeland of the hin, the Shires are rich in agriculture and culture.  The population enjoys their pastoral life, but will defend to the death if provoked.
Language: Hin
OOC:  Tolkiens Shire, however then Hin are not as Naive and can/ will fight.

Principalities of Glantri:  A splintered magocracy, Glantri is home to a variety of cultures and peoples, all devoted to improving their position through magic.  Extremely powerful, but highly fractious.
Languages: Thyatis, Alphatian, Belcadiz, Elven, Averoigne, Flaemish, Ethengar, Klantyre

Kingdom of Ierendi:  A peaceful maritime nation, this chain of islands has become one of the most popular tourist attractions for the wealthy.  Their love of adventurers goes a great way to keep their nation safe.
Languages: Makai

Minrothad Guilds:  The second great trading power, Minrothad is an elven island nation that welcomes humans, dwarves and hin into their business.  The undisputed powerhouse in overseas trade, with a bit of piracy for fun.
Language: Patois

Kingdom of  Ostland:  The most powerful of the Northern Reaches, Ostland is the most aggressive as well.  Though weaker than they used to be, they like to remind the other Northern nations of their power.
Language: Heldannic
OOC:  Nordic/ Viking

Kingdom of Rockhome:  Found deep underground, the Dwarves run Rockhome as they always have.  S low to change, slow to progress  Rockhome has few friends and few enemies.  Just the way the dwarves like it.
Language: Dwarven

Soder fjord Jarldoms:  Less a nation than a group of allied minor nobles, Soderfjord is a land trapped in the past.  Politically weak and hopeless divided, Soderfjord is looking for a strong leader to unite them.
Language: Heldannic
OOC:  Nordic/ Viking

Empire of Thyatis: The most powerful empire on the mainland, Thyatis' influence is felt throughout the continent.  Though weakened by stagnation, it is still the most powerful military force. The Grand Dutchy of Karameikos is a part of this Empire
Language: Thyatian
OOC:  Roman Empire around 100 AD. At war with Alphatis

Kingdom of Vestland:  The most modern of the Northern Reaches, Vestland has put behind its raiding history and has settled on becoming an economic power once it has secured its own borders.
Language: Heldannic

Emirates of Ylaruam: A deeply religious desert kingdom, Ylaruam has thrown off the yoke of two empires and is in the middle of a spiritual debate on its own future.
Language: Ylari
OOC:  Arabic culture.  Hate Elves and anything Aracne

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