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Mon 24 Oct 2016
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Strangers at the G.A.T.E.
S.P.A.R.T.A.N. HQ (Codename: Overwatch)
0835 10/21/2150

Andrea Simmons resisted the urge to put her fist through the screen and settled for taking an overly aggressive drink of her coffee. She hated this, the paperwork, the stress. She’d thought getting off the team's, away from the constant fighting was what she wanted. But the higher she climbed, the farther  behind the curtain she got the worse it was. Not that she wasn’t doing good work. She was. And now that she saw the bigger picture, the real threats out there she knew it was more important than ever. But the constant battle do just do their job, to do the right thing. It was maddening.

She looked up at a knock on her door and offered a slim smile as Hiro Akita dropped into the chair across from her. “What’s up Andi? You look even angrier than usual.” She snarled something impolite and leaned back in her chair. “Why do you think? West just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar again.” Hiro rolled his eyes and chuckled. Hiram “Blowout” West was one of SPARTAN’s most powerful and successful post human operatives. Problem was he suffered from an extreme case of what Hiro referred to as “Captain Kirk” syndrome.Or as Andi tended to put it, he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

Hiro pulled an apple out of nowhere and took a noisy bite. “So? That's... what the 3rd time this year alone? Figure as long as he’s been at this for he’d be better at keeping it quiet.” Andi nodded in agreement. “At least he was over 18 this time.” She grimaced again still glaring at her monitor. “All in all considering Hiram’s… appetites it’s not to bad. However the annoying part is in order to help move this all along in the news cycle it’s been decided we are going to move up the announcement of the International Team.” Tat news caused Hiro to sit up straight. “Really? I thought the plan was tentatively next year…” He trailed off as Andi shook her head. “Nope… it’s been moved up… to now!”

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Tue 25 Oct 2016
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Strangers at the G.A.T.E.
Rusagro Wheat Farm
Location: Volga Region, Russia
1235 10/21/2150

It was harvest time for the massive Russian wheat farm. The midday sun stood alone in the sky, beating down relentlessly on the wheat and the farmworkers who were struggling to gather it. The air echoed with the whine of machinery punctuated by curses in different slavic languages. The scent of burning fuel, soil, and freshly cut wheat combined with the midday heat was almost suffocating.

Working alongside the other farmworkers was Zoran.

Unlike the others, he did not seem worse for wear from the labor. His skin, tan and calloused, was free of the scratches, burns, and rashes that other farmhands suffered. He worked silently and efficiently, seemingly energized by the bright light of the sun.

The work was brutal, but Zoran needed the job. For one thing, it paid. It was not much, but at least it was something. He lacked the proper paperwork for living in Russia, and Rusagro was one of the employers that conveniently overlooked that fact. It also made it easy for him to hide. Working as a farmhand on a corporate farm meant he was just one man in the crowd. And that was an important thing in order for him to fulfill his plan. He would bide his time, earning money and gathering information, until he had the means to strike back against the people responsible for killing his family and turning his life upside-down...
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Thu 27 Oct 2016
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Strangers at the G.A.T.E.
Wasteland Reclamation
Location: American Widwest
1300 10/21/2150

Templeton Fox stood in a desolate patch of what used to be plains and rolling hills. Now it just looked like so much scorched earth. There had been a lot of that due to the wars and while the world was doing its best to bounce back, some areas and projects were given higher priorities than others.

But Templeton made areas like the wastelands one of his top priorities. After all, he had been given the means to help fix things and start the ecosystems of the world, and sometimes the economic systems as well, back on the road to recovery.

He reached out with his abilities and moved layers of the soil and other top laying material, and began the slow process of shifting through them and rearranging things in more natural patterns. As he did so, his GNOME nanites went to work reconstructing matter from the available materials into the necessary components to return the land back to a form of its former consistency.

Templeton looked out over the vast area and sighed. Time was always the most difficult factor to overcome. Even this area that he had quadranted off would take days to restore. Maybe days plus an extra hour or two. It was about lunchtime.
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Thu 27 Oct 2016
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Strangers at the G.A.T.E.
Parisa Mazdaki's home
Location: [Not publicly available]
1130 10/21/2150

Despite her capabilities, Parisa's activities for the day weren't very heroic, or even unusual by most people's standards. She'd only gotten settled into her house a few days ago, after a whirlwind of dealing with SPARTAN, setting up her companions in their own new homes, acquiring new gear, making investments and setting up accounts, all while juggling two identities while keeping them totally apart.

So, now she was finally letting herself relax. So far that had meant sleeping in, rolling out of bed to order a pizza, and now watching TV and eating. She hadn't seen much American TV so far and found most of it stupid, but it was kind of nice to do something especially pointless for a change. Nadezhda sat on one armrest of her recliner, nibbling on the crumbs Parisa had set out on a plate for her. Parisa was careful not to make a mess of any of it; despite the size of the house and the urging of her realtor, she had no staff and didn't plan to hire any. She was finally getting to enjoy something else for the first time too: privacy.

Other than her friends, of course. Like any house there was already something of a menagerie, but other than Nadezhda they were content to stay in Parisa's general orbit without disturbing her. With her serious SPARTAN work as Scarab still a year away (at least as far as Parisa knew), she was happy to just relax and take life as it came for a while. Eventually she might try her hand at vigilante work or something in the meantime, but she felt she finally deserved a vacation.
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Fri 28 Oct 2016
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Strangers at the G.A.T.E.
University of Copenhagen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
0530 10/21/2150

Kyle was studying for his next test. His family had been pushing him to hurry up and finish his degree, despite the fact that he was already a year ahead of his degree. He had other things he needed to be doing, more important things then what he was doing. At least that was the last message he had received from his mother, two of his grandparents, a sibling, and three cousins. The mere thought of the last few conversations with his family caused him to slam his book closed.

Suddenly restless, he glanced out his window where the sky was still dark. Feeling the need to move, to do something anything, he got out of bed and jerked out his costume. Calling upon Conquest, he opened the window and leapt out the window. Blue-white wings unfurled and he flew into the night sky. Perhaps the night wind would cool his anger.
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Wed 2 Nov 2016
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Strangers at the G.A.T.E.
S.P.A.R.T.A.N. HQ (Codename: Overwatch)
1400 10/21/2150

Hiro looked down at the list one more time. There was something weird going on here. Hiram was popular, really popular. One more embarrassing bedroom incident just wasn’t that big of a deal anymore. Especially since it actually seemed less like a booty call and more like a relationship this time.  There just didn’t seem to a be need to rush out formation of a new team to push the news cycle, it was barely news  as it was.

But that wasn’t really his call. His job was to do as he was told. And right now that was contact the people on his list.

Zoran Zebec
Templeton Fox
Parisa Mazdaki
Kyle Andrews

He sighed and finished inputting the contact info. Within moments they should be receiving official SPARTAN notification of their activation to SPARTAN Team X Omega...
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Sun 6 Nov 2016
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Strangers at the G.A.T.E.
Rusagro Wheat Farm, Worker Barracks
Location: Volga Region, Russia
2205 10/21/2150

Zoran was sleeping when a soft shake woke him. His eyes snapped open, while his mind began to dwell on every one of his darkest fears. However, he willed those concerns away, and did his best to remain calm. Instead, he looked around for the person who had disturbed him.

"Good evening, Zoran," said a familiar voice in Zoran's native tongue. It was Alexei, one of the recently hired workers who also happened to be Slovenian.

"What are you doing," Zoran asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "You know that we have to be up at 4 in the morning."

"Perhaps not," countered Alexei. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a badge revealing that he was a S.P.A.R.T.A.N. agent.

"How would you like to get out of here and make a difference in this world?"

OOC: I'm running on the assumption (probably wrong) that S.P.A.R.T.A.N. is near NYC, so I'm using the time difference for it.
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Mon 7 Nov 2016
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Strangers at the G.A.T.E.
University of Copenhagen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
1830 10/21/2150

Kyle was walking out of his final, when the woman approached him. She drew his attention because she had powers. To his mind's eye she was a softly glowing figure, that drew his attention and he paused one foot in the air above the next stair down. After a moment, he moved his foot back to the step and stared at her, concentrating hard. Her thoughts slid by him, a blur that he couldn't quite reach. Which meant she was either naturally resistant, had mental abilities of her own or had some type of training. She came right up to him and then stopped two stairs below him. Scanning him from head to foot, she nodded her head and then held out a small envelope with his name typed onto it. <"Mr. Kyle Andrews?"

Kyle moved his hand to accept the envelope, even as he replied, "I am Kyle Andrews......?"

"You have been summoned to serve. All you need to know is in that envelope." Before he could reply she turned on her heel and disappeared into the crowd, trackable only by her soft glow.

With a sigh, Kyle opened the envelope and began to read. It seemed he had some travel arragements to make.