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References & Character Creation
Fading Suns:

Over three thousand years have passed since the first human stepped into the void of space. The destiny of mankind changed forever when they discovered the jumpgates. The legacy of the mysterious and long-vanished race known as the Annunaki, these relics allowed humanity to spread through the stars..

As the centuries passed, empires, plutocracies and republics have risen and fallen. Humanity reached near-godlike heights of power and knowledge, dominating alien races, unlocking the powers of the mind, and creating great technological wonders, but after they created what should have been a utopia, their pride laid them low.

The advanced and technocratic Second Republic ended in war and disaster, and a new Dark Age passed across the known worlds. Technology was shunned, progress was replaced with superstition and the countless masses of humanity pledged their lives to the great noble houses and their souls to the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun.

For centuries, the Known Worlds were divided and broken, scourged by barbarians, hideous alien menaces and sinister occult forces. As the suns themselves began to fade, darkness seemed set to consume the worlds, and the very souls of humanity. The nadir of this time was the Emperor Wars, when the noble houses finally entered open war, with the prize of the long-vacant Phoenix Throne. The Wars were a long and brutal conflict that saw tremendous casualties and suffering, and which ended only a few years ago.

But at long last, the stars are united. The war is over, and an Emperor now sits upon the Phoenix Throne. Peace has returned to a scarred Empire, and the Questing Knights of Emperor Alexius venture out into the dark. The Emperor is determined that this will not be the final twilight of mankind, and has commanded his knights to seek out ancient treasures, Lost Worlds, the secrets of barbarian space, and maybe even the cure to the fading suns.

The Premise:

The characters are a Questing Knight and her / his retinue, and it is assumed that you have been together for some time, and already undergone some adventures together. And you have been drawn to a small and isolated rural feifdom, on the Hawkwood-owned world of Gwynneth. As for why the group is here, the reasons could be any of the following:

Rumours of paganism, witchcraft and black magic in this area have reached your ears , and you have decided to investigate.

The former lady and lord of the estate, Hermia & Oliver Hawkwood, died in battle during the last weeks of the Emperor Wars. You knew them in some positive capacity (comrade, respected rival, lord or commander), and have come to pay your respects to their family.

You came from this region, and received an unsigned message pleading with you to return and help your home.

Having finished other business in the area (successfully or otherwise), you are passing through this region.

The ruler of Gwynneth has requested a favour of you, to visit a remote fief from which disturbing rumours have been emenating.

Players Sought:

I'm looking for committed and reliable players, first and foremost. I expect you to not vanish without a trace (it is not usually hard to take one minute from your day to say "Sorry, need to stop posting for a bit"), and to let me know about any absences. Likewise, if you're feeling bored, you're not happy with how things are going, or if you've got a suggestion--please drop me a PM and let me know. I like to get feedback, and to work together with players to produce the best possible story.

I'd like characters who work well with others. Antisocial loner characters or OOC drama don't have a place here. I would like the players to discuss links between their characters and get a feel for how the group works together, and their shared history.

I'd like characters to have plot hooks I can use. I want you to be invested in the story, so please give me unfinished business, people out there who your character feels strongly about, or secrets that surely will never come back to haunt them.

I'd also like the party to have a good spread of skills, but apart from one of the players needing to be a knight, the field is fairly open there. I'll try to give characters a chance to shine and use their unique skills, so don't worry that a certain choice may be sub-optimal.

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References & Character Creation

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References & Character Creation
House Rules:

Characters start off with +20 XP after character creation, starting at Seasoned rank and allowing four advances (one of which can have the Seasoned requirement).

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References & Character Creation
Character Sheet:

Faction (if applicable):
Theme Music:

Rank: Seasoned
Experience: 20
Advances (4):
Bennies: 3/3



Charisma: +0

Pace: 6




Parry (Fighting +2):
Toughness (half Vigor +2):
Wounded Threshold (TGH +4):

Melee Attacks:
Name, Fighting Value, Damage, AP, SP

Ranged Attacks:
Name, Fighting Value, Damage, Range, ROF, Ammo, AP, SP


Other Gear:

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