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Character Roles & RTJ

1. No godmodding!

2. Romance is fine, time skip if things get heated. Monster girl themes usually revolve around sex for some reason. Yet this rp stops at a Mature rating. Sex isn't the focus, but eye candy or teasing is fine. This isn't an adult game but if things do get heated time skip.

3. No killing off other players without the permission of myself and the player.

4. Please keep all of your personal problems out of the roleplay. Meaning no real life drama please! In game drama is fine because it's fictional.

5. Yet again this is another harem themed roleplay, sorry I can't get enough of them. >.>; So once all the spots are taken then they're taken. I know I make these a lot but people tend to enjoy them here surprisingly.

6. Have fun! If there are any ideas you'd like to put into the game then feel free to PM me. :3

Harem Information
For more information on harem themed roleplays check this out: (it was given to me by a friend in another rp so all credit for this goes to her. ^^)


Here are the characters for the roleplay.

Freeblade~ Taken
Monster Girl General 1~Taken
Monster Girl General 2~Taken
Monster Girl General 3~Taken
Monster Girl General 4~Taken
Monster Girl General 5~Available
Monster Girl General 6~Available
Monster Girl General 7~Available

Here is the RTJ:

Age: (20 and older)
Monster Girl Race: (What monster girl you are)
Appearance: (anime picture if you can find a good one)
Evolution Race: (monster races, the form you will evolve into later once you've reached your peak whatever that may be. Use a picture if you can find one.)

Weapon: (your weapon)
Power: (your power/magic. Weather it be super strength or magic of a certain element.)
Harem Archetype: (Tsundere? Kuunder? what are you?)
Motive: (What is your motive for following the swordsman? Love?, Revenge?, Power? etc.)

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