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Wed 15 Mar 2017
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Subchapter One: Town of Goblins
Among the caverns of the bottom levels of the dungeon lies a small goblin town. Since recently they were all victims of being Grynn's slaves serving him and his Ogres. Now since their freedom the Goblins can start their trade routes again in peace thanks to a mysterious red haired swordsman.

The town itself is medium sized, and contains an Inn, hotsprings, a pub, trading post, mayors house, and a crude weapon shop. It's a good place to rest up and restock before tackling the harder parts of the dungeon.
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Sun 19 Mar 2017
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Subchapter One: Town of Goblins
Himahime looked out over the town, then down at the bag of coins she looted, and shouted, "shopping and spa day!" then took off for the town.  What followed was a montage of her trying out different outfits, getting a manicure, she broke one of her claws on an ogre earlier, and having her hair done.  The montage finished with her soaking in the hot spring while drinking champagne.
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Tue 4 Apr 2017
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Subchapter One: Town of Goblins
The Goblins had led them to their town. To think there was an actual village in a dungeon! This place was full of surprises. The Elder wanted to speak with him but not after a celebration feast. Cress had slipped away from the small group and found himself a hot springs to relax in.

He was tired, hungry, and sore all over. He leaned up against the edge of the springs and stared at the ceiling as Regaltz lay behind him. Closing his eyes he sighed. "Man what a day." he huffed lightly sounding somewhat defeated.

"Indeed it was quite the tumble. Of course now that we've managed to find a village at least we can rest and maybe resupply."

"Not to mention figure out what to do. I wish we were like right around the corner of this dungeon's exit but I get the feeling we've just begun." another tired and annoyed sigh escaped his lips as he turned around and lay his head upon the edge of the springs. "This sucks, I'm so sore. It's going to take a while for these bruises to heal." he grumbled a little frowning.

"Yes well I'm sure our little group of explorers are going to tag along as well? A group of ex-generals to this dungeon's leader as well! This is probably one of the craziest tales we've been in."

"Tell me about it. I figured they would just go their separate ways when I freed them. How odd of them to place their trust in a Human. Regaltz you know that I'm no king. I'm a Free Blade! It'll be strange traveling with a group. Not that it will be a terrible thing." he pondered. The whole ordeal was kind of strange, what were their true intentions?

Surly just following a Human around wasn't the only reason these women had! At least for now he could relax and rest up a bit. Things would be easier with some food in his belly and a nice bed to sleep upon. What he failed to notice was the hot springs were co-ed. There was no separation of genders like most Human hot springs. Not like that mattered Cress was getting out soon. If the waters didn't cause him to doze off that was.

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