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In Character (IC) Information that you all know
Neverwinter Core (center of city)

A stroll through the main gates into the market district bring you past the Temple of Tyr, god of Justice, which is also the site of the Hall of Justice. Outside, under a small overhang, can be seen the templeís mercy board. On it are a small number of requests from folks for assistance, from fixing a leaking roof to assistance clearing out vermin in a basement to issues with wolves or bandits by nearby farms. Most of the jobs donít pay much, but the common folk do like to gossip about those doing good or ill in the city.
To the south is a giant tree, with a small group of people meditating and conducting some small trades beneath the broad branches.
Continuing the trip around the market center clockwise is an many storied tower, that boasts impressive magical runes. The most notable feature though is the lack of windows anywhere on the tower.
Down the stairs past the tower the sounds of a blacksmith can be heard coming from a small building. A sign hanging shows armor painted gold with the name Shining Knights. The paint is faded, but the hammer sounds coming from inside are strong and loud. The windows are open to the cold air and the smoke coming out of the smokestack shows that the blacksmith is hard at work.
The path continues along past the famous Moonstone Mask. This establishment is known for its decadent foods and wines, extravagant rooms, along with the discretion and secrecy of the owner for any embarrassing goings on.
Finishing off the brief walk brings you to the Trade of Blades, an inn and bar for mercenaries and those looking to drown their sorrows.

From the market district there are additional gates towards the Palace District, the Docks, the Merchants district, the path with a grand sign pointing the way to Blacklake, and the path to the graveyard and something called the Beggarís Nest.

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