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House Rules
Finally time to dig into house rules! There won't be too many of these starting out, because frankly I'm not familiar enough with MgT2E to confidently go a-tinkering. But I do have a few...

Critical Success/Failure

When attempting a test, rolling boxcars (2 6s) can produce a Critical Success. If the test would normally have resulted in a success, the success goes above and beyond what was expected.

On the other end of the spectrum, rolling snake-eyes (2 1s) results in a potential Critical Failure. If the result of the roll would fail by 4 or more, the failure is catastrophic, possibly causing further, unforeseen complications.

<This one seems obvious enough that it may already be a rule out there for this buried in one of the supplemental sourcebooks. If anyone has a line on that, let me know.>

Uncapped Equipment in Character Creation

During character creation, you are not limited to items under 2,000 credits. You are, however, limited to items of TL 12 and below.

Yearly Overhaul

Monthly maintenance costs will be reduced dramatically (0.0025% of ship cost), essentially reduced to lightbulbs and lubricant, as it were. However, once per year your ship must be brought to a shipyard for an annual overhaul. This will be commensurate to the normal monthly maintenance costs (0.1% of ship cost), paid in one lump sum instead of apportioned out through the year. This overhaul requires two weeks at a Class A or Class B starport.

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