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31st Zakurian Siege Breakers.

Posted by Adeptus CustodesFor group 0
Adeptus Custodes
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Thu 3 Nov 2016
at 00:35
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31st Zakurian Siege Breakers

   The 'Zakurian Siege Breakers' are a little-known regiment within the thousands of other organized units that comprise the Imperial Guard. Their origin is shrouded in mystery and intrigue: their homeworld, Arcetri, was consumed by a tendril of the Hive Fleet Harbinger, leaving nothing behind but a barren rock circling a yellow star.
   The planet Arcetri had been a Forge World, but early attempts to evacuate it were stymied by the Warp Shadow present with all hive fleets. Were it not for the timely [some say pre-planned] arrival of a Thulian Explorator fleet on the eve of the planet's destruction, there might well be no survivors of the people who once called Arcetri their home.
   The Imperial Guard regiments that had already been founded on the planet before the arrival of the tyranids were subsequently [and mysteriously] consigned to the Adeptus Mechanicus and retrained in the methods and tactics most complementary to their other military units, and most useful to the obscure machinations of their new masters.
   They can often be found arriving on planets that are under siege by enemy forces that greatly outnumber the PDF, and their predilection for landing on the surface of the planet in places other than what would seem to be most defensible or favorable to those allied units they are ostensibly there to help, has earned them some cause for concern within the higher echelons of the Guard. The fact that many of the planets they 'rescue' are also of interest to the Inquisition has led to more than one uncomfortable incident between the two organizations.

Type: Close Assault
  +3 WS, -3 INT
  Dodge or Parry
  Lightning Reflexes
Homeworld: Post-cataclysmic
  +3 to two: BS, WS, PER
  Awareness, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Survival
  +1d5 Insanity points at start
  pick one: Resistance (Cold), Resistance (Radiation), Resistance (Fear)
Leadership Type: Phlegmatic
  Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Common Lore (War)
Training Doctrine: Sappers & Hardened Fighters
  +2 INT
  Security, Tech-use, Trade (Technomat)
  Technical Knock
  +2 WS
  Street Fighting
  Replace standard melee weapon w/ Common low-tech or add mono to current
Equipment Doctrine: Cyber-Enhanced
  begin w/ 2 common or one good cybernetic enhancement [list provided when complete]
Drawback:Cloud of Suspicion
  Enemy (Inquisition)
  Penalty: mission failure results in -5 to WP tests until next successful mission
Basic Kit Includes:
  Combat Shotgun 4 clips
  3 Frag grenades
  2 Krak grenades
  Flak armor
Regiment Favored Weapons
  Basic: Plasma Gun
  Heavy: Autocannon

Cyber Enhancements Available at Creation
Augur Array
Bionic Arm/Heart/Leg/Respiration
Calculus Logi Upgrade
Cranial Armor
Cybernetic Senses
Interface Port
Locator Matrix
Maglev Coils
Memorance Implant
Mind Impulse Unit [non-weapon interface]
Respiratory Filter
Subskin Armor
Synthmuscle [P/C/G/B: UStr 1/2/3/4 and -/-/-5/-10 AGL tests]
Vocal Implant

All unit members automatically begin with the Volitor Implant.
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Adeptus Custodes
GM, 49 posts
Thu 3 Nov 2016
at 01:49
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31st Zakurian Resources

The 31st Zakurian Siege Breakers does not have a standard organizational chart like most of those who fall under the Departmento Munitorium. Instead, it is divided into several self-contained company-sized units that, due largely to their effective methods of communication and dedication to the same goals of their cult, rarely need to interact except in cases of the potential loss of an entire unit within the system. When this occurs, all efforts to aid or bolster their sister units take precedence over other orders that may conflict with survival.

Below is a listing of the unit's entire roster, including current strengths and, in parentheses, what it would be at full strength.

Personnel: 668 (1040)
  517 - Combat-ready soldiers (860)
   41 - Infirmary
   72 - Mechanicus Adepts (116)
    7 - Techpriests (12)
   31 - Command Staff (52)

Vehicles: 22 (32)
    2 - Leman Russ Demolisher (3)
    3 - Basilisk Artillery Vehicle (6)
    6 - Hellhound Flame Vehicle (8)
    4 - Hades Breaching Drill (4) [repurposed to include Mole Mortar capabilities]
    3 - Salamander Recon Vehicle (5)
    2 - Sentinel Scout Walker (4)
    2 - Atlas Recovery Vehicle (2) [heavily modified]

Combat Equipment: 12 (20)
    4 - Tarantula Sentry Gun (4) Twin-linked Heavy Bolter
    4 - Tarantula Sentry Gun (4) Twin-linked Lascannon
    4 - Tarantula Sentry Gun (4) Twin-linked Multi-lasers
    0 - Sabre Gun Platform   (4) Twin-linked Autocannon
    0 - Hydra Flak Assembly  (4) [towed, not tracked]

Additional Equipment
Crafting Workshop - Solid Projectile Firearms & Ammunition
Crafting Workshop - Laser Firearms
Crafting Workshop - Electronics

More items and equipment to be added as the campaign moves forward...
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