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Remember the Fallen!

Posted by Adeptus CustodesFor group 0
Adeptus Custodes
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Thu 3 Nov 2016
at 20:31
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Remember the Fallen!

This will be the collective roster of soldiers KIA or declared MIA during any conflict. Their name, regiment, specialty, and circumstances of death will be recorded for all future recruits to see.
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Mon 14 May 2018
at 18:35
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Remember the Fallen!

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Ramirez - Deceased
Emilia - Deceased
Mon 14 May 2018
at 18:36
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Remember the Fallen!

Troopers George Ramirez and Emilia Ramirez had been reassigned from the Cadian 99th to the Zakurian 31st immediately following their graduation from the Cadian Whiteshield Program on orders by the Departmento Munitorum in effort to provide the wayward regiment with a sterling example of how to properly serve the God-Emperor and the Imperium of Man. Their accomplished marksmanship and actions on the field of battle earned them a place among the Zakurian 31st's 5th Company, despite the ill-natured reputation of aforementioned company. The deployments and objectives of the squad post-reassignment require Theta-level security clearance, though the events of their deaths have been declassified and are outlined below:

Trooper Emilia Ramirez (hereinafter referred to as 'Emilia'), in the face of a larger Tyranid bio-form, showed exemplary courage and cunning during a melee combat. Emilia utilized an undisclosed number of krak grenades in close combat, grappling the bio-form and ensuring its death along with her glorious sacrifice. Truly, Emilia is an example to the Imperial Guard as a whole.

Trooper George Ramirez (hereinafter referred to as 'Ramirez') shortly followed his sister's sacrifice. Motivated by Emilia's inspired use of hand grenades, Ramirez charged a mass of smaller Tyranid bio-forms and vaulted himself into their midst with incendiary grenades in-hand. The resulting inferno caused heavy Tyranid casualties and routed the remaining bio-forms. Ramirez's last words are reported to be as follows: "For the Emperor!" It should be noted that all Guardsmen should emulate Ramirez's zeal and passion for serving the God-Emperor of Man and the Imperium as a whole.


Referral of Departmento Munitorum-issued incendiary devices as 'spicies' is not to be tolerated. Punishment for said infraction is to be determined by the guilty party's presiding Munitorum officer.
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