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Sector Atlas
This thread contains all common knowledge about locations in the sector.
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Sector Atlas
Ultraxis System (0704)

Planet: Aster
NAV: Ultraxis IV
Atmos: Breathable Mix
Temp: Cold
Bio: Human miscible
Pop: Hundreds of thousands
Tech level (TL): 3; emerging TL4 industries.

Overview & political landscape
Once a colonial world; Aster has grown significantly over the generations, thanks to an abundance of resources required to maintain TL3 industries. An few enterprising families had long held a firm grip over the planetary government; however the tides are turning. Corporations have risen up; academic institutions have earned significant powers of influence; and the government is beset by ever-increasing complexities in the political landscape.

The Asterrian government presides over all settlements and industrial outposts in the Ultraxis system.

Partnerships have formed across the population leading to significant advancements in fusion power, grav vehicles, life-extending medicines, and a plethora ofother fringe pursuits like gengineering and psyioncs, have brought about new industries; and... new wealth.

The citizenry are now exposed to a growing number of exotic technologies; and cultural norms are being rapidly & continually rewritten. This has been a blow to the most wealthy & elite, the Traditionalist factions, whose genetic & cultural loyalties lie within the parameters of the planet's colonial heritage.

Simply - the world is advancing rapidly, and a minority, albeit powerful & wealthy, aren't too pleased.

The planetary government is now under immense pressure to legislate at an enormous pace. But of course the bureaucracy can't keep up. Some feel various technologies should be illegal; while others are starting to feel like the Old Ideals are a threat to the New World.

On the surface; Aster is a thriving world. Underneath, however, tensions are rising. Secret alliances are forming. Manipulative plots are brewing. Criminal activity is on the rise; particularly amongst the industrials and corporations.

A handful of small psychic refuges have popped up across Aster. Only in the last few decades have psychic talents been harnessed and controlled with appropriate medicines. They posess barely a tenth of the power & control of their psychic ancestors. However, there are rumours of a handful of psychics who have made vast leaps forward in their psychic prowess. These rumours are yet to be proven, or unproven...

Those with psychic abilities are marginalised by most, Traditionalists especially.

Interstellar relationships
The resources & industrial capacity to produce spike drive ships is limited; so only the very wealthy have access to these ships.

There are a couple of small industrial fleets & a swathe of independently-owned ships capable of flying around the Ultraxis system. They are common enough to see regularly; but again, only the wealthy can afford to acquire them.

Interstellar trade frigates come and go; rarely. Their arrival usually stirs things up planetside; as they often bring exotic goods, materials & services usually inaccessible to Asterrians. Every trade frigate visit leads to a number of commercial and industrial advancements.

Interstellar transit is only slightly more common than trade frigates, in no small part due to a nearby cluster of systems whose technology has surpassed that of the Ultraxis system. These "Starstreams" share similarities to the commercial grav-flights on Aster; with tickets available for different classes (ie, Elite, First, Economy, etc). However, even Economy class tickets are often thoroughly expensive. But due to the infrequent and somewhat unpredictable nature of starstream stopovers in Ultraxis; buying a ticket is culturally understood to be a "one way ticket outta here".

Aster has no known enemies. Diplomats from other governments reside on Aster; as a result of cautious negotiations during a starstream's stopover.

Alien relationships
Ultraxis & it's neighbouring systems are 100% human.

There are stories, passed through numerous systems, of several alien races. However, it's hard to gauge the integrity of this information. As far as Asterrians go, alien life is out of sight, and out of mind.


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