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Thu 3 Nov 2016
at 22:10
The Experiment: SRD
I'm using this Google Doc ( to capture the rules as they evolve.

You can access this doc & add comments.
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Thu 3 Nov 2016
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The Experiment: SRD
SWN Character Sheet template to get started:
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Thu 24 Nov 2016
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Stages in a Full Round of play

1. Draw. Factions earn FacCreds (as per SWN rules). Pay maintenance costs. Purchase assets. Assets are exhausted until the next round.

2. Preparation. Characters' or factions' skills & aspects can be used to try achieve buffs/debuffs for the Big Action.

Scenes may be played out, if necessary; skill rolls, combat, opposing rolls, and saves may take place. Any relevant FATE aspects may be used. FATE points may be spent or earnt. The result: the GM facilitates narrative outcomes of any Preparation effort.

Any characters used, or Faction skills used will be Exhausted. This means they can't be used again this round.

3. Big Action. Players submit faction actions, as per SWN rules. No FATE aspects used here. No characters used here. Simply the faction's big action.

Any available buffs or debuffs ae applied.

The GM prepares any scenes for Consequences.

4. Consequences. Characters' or factions' skills & aspects can be used (if available) to improve results; or get a head start on preparation for the next round.

The GM facilitates the outcomes of any efforts or attempts during Consequences.

5. Resolution. The GM finalises results of the round; and finalises allocation of FacXP, XP, loot & anything else required.

This is mostly just admin. No player input expected.

5a. Summarise. Optional. Any game participant may write up an article to be published in a restricted thread. This thread aims to be a summary view of how the game is unfolding. It can be as in-depth as you want; but as a minimum, a very high level summation of how the round went down for your faction (and characters). Players can earn XP or FATE points for these contributions.

It is read-only by lurkers & the GM; until the 'end of the game', or similar.

End of round.
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Fri 25 Nov 2016
at 03:17
What's a faction's income?
At the beginning of each turn, a faction gains FacCreds equal to half
their Wealth rating rounded up plus one-quarter of their total Force
and Cunning ratings, rounded down. Any maintenance costs must
be paid at the beginning of each turn.

Page 114, SWN.