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Faction creation: How to...
I'm going to go through a Faction build. You might want to play along at home using the rules (https://docs.google.com/docume...eading=h.vdrqsiz7vhq)


Right. I like to start with a name... that's just my personal taste.

TQ Academy, "TQ" for short. What does TQ stand for? *waves hands around & wobbles eyebrows insinuating deep mysteriousness*

Higher Concept - use the formula (Adjective) (noun) who (tangible goal) to (abstract goal)
Benevolent scientists who are developing powerful technologies to rid the Universe of war & poverty.

I have a personal interest in The Venus Project (https://www.thevenusproject.com/)... which was the inspiration here.

Aspects - choose or create 5.

These should be at a faction scale; not at character scale. I used some example lists of Aspects for inspiration; but ended up creating all 5 aspects. I believe they each have negative & positive impacts; as per 'what makes a good aspect'.

1. "There must be more to this..." << This describes how curiosity drives the faction to dig deeper for knowledge; for better or worse.
2. Leave Nothing to Chance << This speaks to the OCD-like nature of planning the Scientists have.
3. Protect our knowledge << Keeping their knowledge (& technologies) protected; perhaps selfishly. No sharing. Maybe they're not as benevolent as they'd like to be?
4. Knowledge is Power << Using knowledge to get the upper hand. But is the upper hand always right?
5. People before Profit << Always put people first. Never turn a profit at the cost of people's freedoms, rights or health.


Because this is a Level 1 faction, it's Tiny. I only have 6 points to spend on Skills.

I could buy 1 Superb skill (+5 modifier) for 5 points, and 1 Average skill (+1) for 1 point. Or I could buy 3 Fair skills (+2). Or 1 Fair skill (+2) and 4 Average skills (+1). Etc etc...

TQ will go for Research and Development at Good (+3) for 3 points; because this is the core of my faction - creating technology to help people prosper. Kinda like Elon Musk.

Trading at Average (+1) for 1 point; because they need to sell their wares they create to turn a profit. They might also buy up other wares designed for nefarious outcomes, and repurpose them for good... like "cleaning up this world".

Intelligence at Fair (+2) for 2 points; because I like the idea that TQ knows how to use big data & hacking, etc, to keep abreast of their competition & targets.

- Research and Development at Good (+3)
- Intelligence at Fair (+2)
- Marketing at Average (+1)

^^ It was really hard to choose 3 skills... I could have gone for Net Ops, for hacking/data security... or Diplomacy, for trying to use knowledge as a means for diplomatic outcomes...

I've been trying to think of how the gameplay will work... how will I use these skills when the game kicks off? But I'm not entirely sure, to tell the truth. That's why I want to run this experiment.

Will I attempt to gather Intelligence on a competitor? What will be the output of my R&D skill when I put it to use? I... I'm not really sure... A pang of anxiety trickles through my chest.

Nevertheless, I'm going to presume that the use of Skills by Factions will certainly evolve.

Some of the Fate resources I stumbled onto let the Characters use the faction as additional skills; extra to the character's. The narrative would obviously need to reflect that... but it assumes the character has significant influence over the faction, and can use it to their advantage when/as needed. This premise sounds reasonable, and workable. However the Faction is no longer the focus of the game; the Character is.

I digress...


I will leave both Focus and Influence at 0, for simplicity... and because it makes sense that a low level faction has yet to build any significant Focus or Influence yet.

But additionally... Whilst I like the idea of this mechanic; it may be over-complicating things at this early stage of the experiment. Perhaps it's best to leave them out for now?


This concludes he first part of the Faction build; using the Fate mechanics.

In my next post, I'll go through the last part; using the SWN mechanics.

Please feel free to go through this process in the new threads, "Faction: {your faction here}".

For now, I'll open the floor to any generic discussion around any of these mechanics or steps.

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