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Bio Thread for PCs
Full Name: William Locksley Kenward
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Earth
Birthplace: Cardiff, Wales, Great Britain
Hair: Reddish blond
Eyes: Green, with gray flecks
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 162 lbs.
Known Living Relatives: Lt. Cmdr. Theodore Augustus Kenward (father, medical
discharge - transporter psychosis, 2347,) Bridget Davies-Kenward (mother,)
Lucia Kenward (paternal aunt,) David Kenward (paternal uncle,) Gavin Davies
(maternal uncle, resident, Caldos Colony,) Ensign Rhys Davies
(maternal cousin, junior science officer, USS Trial,)
Claire Kenward (paternal cousin, reporter,
Federation News Service)
Timeline of Biographical Events:
Stardate 9370.14 (May 15, 2332) - Born in Cardiff, Wales to Lt. Theodore and
Bridget Davies-Kenward
Stardate 18116.70 (February 12, 2341) - Stands up to James Talbot, a larger child, after his best friend, Telle, is sent to the hospital by James' attack on her for being Andorian. Narrowly avoids suspension when James himself stands up for Will, admitting his own fault.
Stardate 24295.13  (April 18, 2347) Lt. Commander Theodore Augustus Kenward officially medically discharged from Starfleet.
Stardate 24207.61 (April 19, 2347) - William Kenward's first, and failed, attempt to enter Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 27297.61 (April 19, 2350) - William Locksley Kenward finally passes entrance exam, admitted to Starfleet Academy for the next year.
Stardates 27696.91 - 31371.62 - William Kenward's Starfleet Academy Career.
Graduates as lieutenant, junior grade in command division due to taking effective leadership of his group of cadets aboard the Constellation-class USS Leonid when the assigned commanding officer, Captain Plezku, is rendered unconscious during a raid by pirates during what was intended as a routine patrol, despite initial posting as ship's historian.*
Stardate 31389.95 - Assigned as junior tactical officer onboard the Oberth-class USS Helin.
Stardate 34307.76 - Promoted to full lieutenant and chief tactical officer of the Helin following an away mission salvaged by his quick thinking and the promotion of Lt. Commander bim Gresh to first officer following the transfer of the prior holder of the position.
Stardate 37190.14 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Transferred to serve as chief tactical officer aboard USS Yamaguchi.
Stardate 41689.83 - Promoted to Commander and First Officer, USS Yamaguchi.
~Stardate 44002.3 - Battle of Wolf 359. Captain Hezed and junior science officer Siaba Duhn (with whom Kenward was beginning a relationship) are among the assimilated members of the crew, bringing Kenward to temporary command of the vessel. Despite its loss, he is able to organize the remaining crew, allowing 500 to reach lifepods.
Stardate 44200.9 - Official launch of the Galaxy- class USS Lincoln, with newly-minted Captain William Kenward in command and an open-ended primary mission of exploration.
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Bio Thread for PCs
Name: Dr. Nora Ryan NPC
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Earth
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Hair: Red, short, curly
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'
Weight: 103 lbs
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Bio Thread for PCs
Name: Eclipse, daughter of goldmane and Starstreak of house blackpaw

Species: Chakat/skunktaur hybrid

 Rank: Commander

 Age: 42

 gender: Hermaphrodite

  d) Physical Description Eclipse has a lower body almost identical to a large feline but the front paws are more like crude hands and can be used as such whenever needed, hir upper body is a mix between feline and human, human proportions but covered in fur with a feline like head but with human hair. Shi has around D-cup breasts, shi is covered in thick black fur hiding a black paw shaped mark that would otherwise be on hir right breast, hir hair is also black but shi has light blue eyes. Hir tail is thicker than normal making it stronger and is almost longer then shi is laying down with her upper torso inline with hir lower, it is covered in shaggy black fur to match the rest of hir. Due to a childhood accident, when someone looks at hir no matter from what direction shi always seems to have a white outline of fur due to a unique sheen hir fur has despite seeming to have no shine to it, and it is also what gave hir hir adult name. While standing normally shi is about 6'4" tall from the floor to the top of hir head, with her lower body being of proper proportions to look normal.

  History: Originally born a human, a god like entity took interest in hir and when shi originally died the entity preserved hir until she could find a new life for hir without the taking of a potential life, about 300 years later a perfect situation was found and Soot was born, due to a childhood transporter accident Soots fur developed an odd sheen that resulted in hir choosing the name Eclipse when shi came of age. when it came to hir career, she was already being watched when shi came of age, though shi decided to go with a job in the Star Corp as a planetary scout, when most of hir friends ended up in Star Fleet. Hir career as a planetary scout though was short lived as on hir fifth assignment shi was critical in not only saving all the exploration teams, but also in taking care of a local pirate problem. As a result the Stellar Services pressured hir to switch to Star Fleet, which shi eventually did after hir parents went into semi retirement, and gave hir the prototype ship that they had been using for their research. Eclipse started using the Ancestor for anti pirate patrols and rapidly earned the nickname 'the black hole devil' due to her propensity to seemingly appear out of nowhere and then disappear just as quickly and catch pirates completely by surprise. But one day a group of pirates set an ambush and heavily outnumbered Eclipse and hir ship the Ancestor finally seemed to be doomed so shi used the Ancestors prototype self destruct system that would compress everything within a certain radius of the ship down to a single point the size of a molecule, but the next thing shi knew shi was waking up on a odd vessel in another reality.

  -Character major events: Originally born in hir reality as a human male on Earth in the year 1986, sacrificed himself willingly to protect others infront of an alien Deity in the Year 2012, the Deity rewarded him by reincarnating him later as a Chakat cub in the year 2301 in 2307 shi remembers hir old life as a human and is also responsible for submitting the schematics that would be used to build a prototype Hinyyi class heavy escort anti piracy ship that hir parents where involved with developing and building, in 2314 survived a transporter accident but had an odd sheen to hir fur earning hir the new name Eclipse and upon being released from the hospital hir and hir parents moved aboard the F.S.S. Ancestor which was to be the only Hinyyi class vessel to be built.

  In 2321 applied to Stellar service Star Corp division to become a planetary scout and was accepted, went on first assignment 2322 and in the year 2325 was pivotal in saving not only hir team but the other team on the planet and also dealing with a pirate problem, was then pressured into transferring to Star Fleet division of the Stellar services and the security branch, Hir parents go into semi-retirement and hand the F.S.S. Ancestor over to Eclipse who then uses it for anti piracy patrols and in 2330 is more commonly know as "The Black Hole Devil" then by hir own name especially among pirates, In 2332 encounters a human that has somehow been transported from another reality and time and takes him into protective custody aboard hir ship after it's discovered that a terrorist group has a hit out on him after he was responsible for assisting police with capturing several fleeing members of the group. In 2333 the human is declared dead but in truth the human had been turned into a Starwalker Stellar Foxtaur by the Alien deity that had reincarnated Eclipse, 2334 Eclipse and Navorn have six children, and in 2343 the Ancestor and Eclipse and hir family go missing after engaging a group of H1 terrorists.

 Name: Navorn
age: 37
  Gender: Hermaphrodite
  Height: 60
Fur color: solid black
  Eye color: Blue
  Race: Starwalker/Veldt/ and Mountain Stellar foxtaur

 History:Navorn is the new name Nivek chose after he became hir due to an accident while helping Eclipse repair some damage to hir ship, and it was  after this transformation that shi realized that hir old life was over and through the antics of a Rakshani deity ended up getting pregnant by Eclispe with triplets, while at the same time impregnating Eclipse who would also give birth to triplets, with each child by the deities design being based off of one the six cats Nivek used to have back home before coming to the Chakat Universe.

Name:  Sebastion child of Navorn and Eclipse, AGE 8 (She is the most serious and mature of the lot.)

  Cali child of Navorn and Eclipse, AGE 8 (Shi tends to be shy and easily scared but hir fur is very soft and in the pattern of a tortoiseshell cat.)

  Yoda child of Navorn and Eclipse, AGE 8 (the most laid back of the children shi has the longest fur which is mostly black with white along hir lower belly, chest and front and most of hir neck except for a small part just behind hir left shoulder and most of hir muzzle except for a black half smirk going up the left side of hir muzzle.)

  Super child of Eclipse and Navorn, AGE 8 ( a bit of a halfway mix between cali's shyness and ease of being startled or scared and Yoda's laid back attitude, hir fur is an orange tabby style.)

  Marble child of Eclipse and Navorn, AGE 8 (the lover of the children, you give hir attention and shi'll love you, but also protective of hir other siblings, her fur is black and gray looking almost like a chunk of marble, but between hir upper and lower shoulder blades the black fur is in a pattern that looks like a giant butterfly. Also at times the trouble maker of the lot.)

  Dot child of Eclipse and Navorn AGE 8 ( shi is a momma's girl, extremely shy to the point where shi only really goes anywhere if Navorn or Eclipse are nearby or nobody else is around, shi is also the smallest of the children with a mostly white calico fur pattern with a small black dot by hir right nostril.)