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Tue 29 Nov 2016
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Hide N' Seek
The larger orc towered over the smaller Forest Goblins before it.  He pointed a clawed finger in the the direction of the Woodmen-town, revealing it’s sharp incisors in a snarl!

“GO! The one I seek  be in wood town. With humans! They have scorned and beat you but today YOU will win. Bring the small one to me. My Master will reward you if you bring it here… he will punish you if you fail! I WILL punish you if you fail. GO! NOW!”

One of the larger chieftains of the Forest Goblins paused, he held in his misshaped hands an axe won from some previous battle. He  cowered but had the courage to look upon the larger orc. The one simply known as the Torturer of Dol Goldur.

"What's does it look like... we needs ta know... we's nay seen it before?"

The larger orc hissed "Good question snaga*! It looks most like you only pale... eyes big! Scrawny little thing... has the scars o' my work on it! It's not human so easy ta find. NOW GO!"

The Forest Goblins slowly backed away and slipped into the night. The Larger orc pulled out a wicked looking knife.

"Sooon! Soon I will have you... n' yer secrets... "

Snaga- Means slave in Orcish. What a leader usually calls his underlings.