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Character Options (READ SECOND)

Posted by OverlordFor group 0
GM, 2 posts
Thu 10 Nov 2016
at 02:21
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Character Options (READ SECOND)

Characters will begin play at level one with the following Ability scores to place as they see fit: 15,14,13,12,10,8.
All characters will start with max health and will always gain the minimum allowed based on their Hit Dice upon level up.


Blood Hunter:

Order of the Lycan


Ice Sorcerer:
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GM, 38 posts
Sun 8 Jan 2017
at 02:42
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Character Options (READ SECOND)

At all level ups you will recive max Hitpoints. This is to coincide with the diffculty level this game will be at.

Also if any of you are familiar with WOTC Unearthwd Arcana, I have recently come across a few that could work well with this game, primarily the Paladin Oath of Conquest and Oath of Treachery.

In addition with the release of Volo's guide to monsters we have new race options, I am willing to take those races into concideration when character concepts are put forward.
GM, 71 posts
Sun 10 Sep 2017
at 00:42
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