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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising.

Posted by OverlordFor group 0
GM, 100 posts
Sat 30 Sep 2017
at 06:14
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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising

Goltinder: The Dockmaster seems to have given you all the information he has, you're no stranger to bribes and it is likely that someone is throwing around alot of money if information is this lacking. However you have an address which is more than you came here with.

Nyenna and Co: As you make your way towards the warehouse/temple a boice calls out to you "Hey! State your business, don't you know there's a curfew?" turning to face the speaker you spot a group of six heavily armed and armoured gaurds bearing a house insignia on their armour.

You guys can roll History to determin the insignia.

Balasar: Although you make little coin with the games you do learn a thing or two about a rumour surronding the dissaperences in the docks, apprently an eye witness spotted a humanoid fish like creature dragging away their victim intonthe waters of the docks itself.
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Half-Elf Gunslinger, 53 posts
Beware of high-velocity
lead poisoning.
Sat 30 Sep 2017
at 07:20
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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising

Nyenna's eyes widen slightly at the sight of the insignia. She quickly composes herself, squaring her shoulders and placing her hands on her hips as the guards approach. Glancing across their faces, she picks one out and grins wolfishly. "Ricart! Haven't seen you in a good ten years. Do you still grab the slaves and hold them down while Mathias Arllen takes them from behind, or does he want to fight them for it now?"

As the others try to process what she said, the half-elf flicks her wrists, producing a pair of flintlock pistols as if out of thin air. Two shots ring out, and the guard to Ricart's left reels as his right eye explodes, while the guard to his right clutches at his knee.

00:00, Today: Nyenna rolled 22 using 2d20+5.  Shoot a guard (surprise).
Forgot to drop lowest. Raw rolls were 14 and 3, so that's actually a 19. Still pretty sure that hits.
Let's make that a Called Shot to the head. This guy gets disadvantage on his first Int or Wis check within the next minute and must make a Strength save or be stunned.
00:07, Today: Nyenna rolled 13 using 1d10+3.  Flintlock pistol damage.

00:08, Today: Nyenna rolled 21 using 2d20+5, dropping the lowest dice only.  Shoot a guard (surprise).
Remembered the drop this time! Let's make it a called shot to the leg. This guy moves at half speed next move action and must make a Con save or fall prone.
00:11, Today: Nyenna rolled 13 using 1d10+3.  Flintlock pistol damage.

WHAT THE FUCK. Apparently the dice love Nyenna.

Nyenna's eyes flash at the sight of blood. "Now run home to yer pathetic lord 'n' tell 'im he shouldn't just be watchin' 'is back fer Costan and Quintin!"

00:19, Today: Nyenna rolled 23 using 2d20+4, dropping the lowest dice only.  Intimidate (with some serious fucking advantage holy shit that was double max damage wtf).
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GM, 102 posts
Sat 30 Sep 2017
at 22:08
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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising

Orson: The men you are tailing seem to have either bot spotted you or they do not care that you are there. After several more minutes of walaking they stop at a warehouse, it looks well kept from the outside and a few  seconds one of them knocks on the door. You assume there is an exchange of some passphrase as you overhear the words "Lord and Lady's light guide us."

Almost immediately after they enter you hear a pair of gun shots ring out and as the sound is as loud as it is you can tell that they cam from realitivly close by.

The guards have little time tonreact as Nyenna unleashes two shots into a pair, the one who took a bullet to the face recoils with a cry of anguish as he clutches his face. The visor of his helm partialy protecting him but with bllod pourong from under it is claer that the sharpnel will probally stop him from being able to use his eye permentally.

The other falls prone as his leg is torn open from the bullet wound, he to cries out in pain from the attack vlearly standing up will be an issue for this one.

The remaining four guards take a few steps back and their hands go to their swords and their leader Ricart draws his own sword "Maybe you'll see yourself once I'm through with you."

The 3 still standing are frightend of Nyenna, Ricart is fine, the one on the ground is prone and has reduced speed and the one who took the eye shot has disadvantage to hit and advantage on being hit.
Roll for Iniative

Lilith Darkmoore
Vampiress, 75 posts
Fangs for the Memories
Sat 30 Sep 2017
at 22:22
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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising

Lilith looks stunned for just a moment as Nyenna unloads on the guards, the leader of which she obviously knows.

Blood has been spilled and violence is afoot so she draws her two swords, curved and elegant in the manner of Drow weapons. She whispers a word and ice flows from the crossguards and up the blades with a cracking sound as freezing mist surrounds the swords. She looks at the guards and her eyes are crimson flame, her fangs fully extended and whispers again as she looks at the leader of the group. The sibilant word hangs in the air and the frost on her blade turns reddish as if filled with blood (Blood Curse of the Fallen Puppet). She doesn't hiss in the assumed manner of Vampires but roars, the sound primal, vicious, and monstrously loud.
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Markus Oncebright
Aasimar Blackguard, 42 posts
The Ram of Asmodeus
Sat 30 Sep 2017
at 23:06
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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising

Today: Markus Oncebright rolled 13 using 1d20.  Initiative.

I'll be on cell phone only for the next ~24hrs. So I'll be slow to post.

Lilith Darkmoore
Vampiress, 77 posts
Fangs for the Memories
Sat 30 Sep 2017
at 23:31
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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising

19:30, Today: Lilith Darkmoore rolled 10 using 1d20+2. Initiative.
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Makaria Thriceburned
Tiefling Hexblade, 53 posts
AC 16, hp (44)
Masks within masks.
Sat 30 Sep 2017
at 23:38
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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising

16:37, Today: Makaria Thriceburned rolled 9 using 1d20+1.

Makaria Thriceburned
Tiefling Hexblade, 55 posts
AC 16, hp (44)
Masks within masks.
Sun 1 Oct 2017
at 04:47
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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising

Makaria flinched as the sounds of the two pistols detonated in the crisp night air, dropping into a crouch.  Her right hand instinctively shot over her shoulder for the cloak that rested over her wings, and in a motion that looked to have been practiced a thousand times, drew it up and over her body to hurl it into the dirt at her side.   Before it had touched the ground her arm had reversed itself, drawing the black featureless mask that was holstered at her right hip and placing it over her face.  Hooked grooves within the mask caught the edges of her horns, locking it into place over her features.  Her wings took one huge scoop out of the air, and with a single powerful leap she hurled herself into the night sky.

She held the glaive clear of her wings with her left hand, blade pointed towards the ground.  The gauntleted fingers of her right hand clutched at the air in front of her armored breastplate.   Behind her featureless mask, she spoke three words in a voice that mingled the softness of an ocean wave breaking on a sandy shore with the buzzing of an angry hornet's nest.  Her fingers seemed to tear at the very fabric of reality itself, condensing it into a flickering tendril of inky blackness that she practically crushed within her hand.  She flung her hand out, and with a deep thrumming pulse the orb of darkness streaked out towards their foes.

Half-Elf Gunslinger, 62 posts
Beware of high-velocity
lead poisoning.
Sun 1 Oct 2017
at 05:10
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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising

Nyenna's eyes narrow. "Oh, yeh really shouldn've said that."

Assuming Ricart's going to go for Nyenna...

She steps deftly away from Ricart, reloading her pistols with the serene, practiced ease of an artist painting a curve. Still grinning, she levels one pistol at his gut and fires. The bullet hits him in a rather... uncomfortable... place.

Bonus action: reload pistols.
Move action: five-foot step.
22:00, Today: Nyenna rolled 23 using 1d20+5.  Shoot Ricart.
Yes, this is a called shot to the dick. Mechanical effects should probably be similar to a called shot to the leg (i.e. decreased movement, must make a Con save or fall prone).
22:01, Today: Nyenna rolled 13 using 1d10+3.  Damage.

Her grin turns to a smirk as he doubles over in pain. "I mean, fer one thing, yeh don't 'ave the balls fer it." Cackling at her own joke, she takes another step back and fires the other pistol.

Shoot and Scoot: when Nyenna makes an attack with a firearm, she can move 5 feet in any direction.
22:06, Today: Nyenna rolled 9 using 1d20+5.  Shoot again.

The bullet whizzes past his ear, and Nyenna cocks her head, obviously unconcerned. "Next one goes between yer eyes if yeh try anythin' else, yeh rat bastard."
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Lizardfolk Barbarian, 18 posts
Sun 1 Oct 2017
at 05:21
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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising

The lizardman didn't even flinch when the small meat drew her weapons and unloaded into the group, in fact he seemed to react not at all to the drawn weapons and continued assault upon these lack luster meats. Reluctantly he reached over his shoulder to pull a vicious club-like weapon from his back, gripping the wooden handle he stalked forward steadily giving the vicious looking weapon a few practice swings, gauging the weight in his scaled fists. "Don't know what curfew is but from small meats reaction I guess you insulted her. Well before we get where we need to go no harm breaking in my new weapon..."

02:45, Today: Xul rolled 6 using 1d20+2.  Initative.
GM, 105 posts
Sun 1 Oct 2017
at 05:26
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Chapter Two: Dark Sun Rising

Ricart eyes Nyenna before his gaze falls upon Makaria and Lilith"Take the women alive, kill the rest." he says to rest of the guards "Lord Mathias will be thrilled with the gift after all." he then makes a swing for Nyenna, however her elven heritage is obvisally not just for show as she just nimbly sidesteps without any effort.

In response she plants a shot directly into his crotch and although his armour absorbs some of the blast he doubles over in pain as the bullet tears into him "KILL THAT BITCH!" he cries out while doing his best to try and stand back up again.
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